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Lose 2 Kg for just Rs.2000 at Anjali Mukerjee's Health Total.
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Lose 2 Kg for just Rs.2000 at Anjali Mukerjee's Health Total.

Health Programs at Anjali Mukerjee Health Total are related to Weight Loss, Acidity, Weight Gain, Diabetes, Health & High Energy, Cholesterol, Detoxification, Immunity Booster, B.P. Management, Joints Pain Relief, Skin Improvement, Menopause, Fit After Forty, Syndrome X, etc.

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Weight Management

Obesity is often associated with a host of other disorders and issues like a lack of self esteem, social discomfort, fatigue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, joint aches and back aches to name a few. At Health Total, a comprehensive package promises you not just weight loss but a complete uplifting of your health and lifestyle to make it happier, fun and exciting. To so, they have devised a unique 4 step process for maintaining the ideal body weight. This includes Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Nourishment and Maintenance. Hence you not only lose weight now, but you get to maintain your weight and a healthy lifestyle throughout your life. Don't forget to download the coupon from

Skin Improvement

Skin Improvement is something every person needs. There are a number of skin improvement programs offered at every nook and corner but it is essential for you to select the most effective solution that does not bring with it irrevocable side effects. At Health Total, they have a trained group of dieticians and doctors. They offer customized health plans based on individual needs and nature of treatment. A basic treatment includes a diet containing fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grains, whole pulses and loads of clean water. This nourishes your skin and brings back the glow on your face. They also follow a 4 step process of health management including Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Nourishment and Maintenance.

Health and High Energy

Our lifestyle today is sedentary and full of pressure and stress. To top that, with busy schedules, our food habits are wrong too. All this can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. At Health Total, they have devised a basic program of weight and health management that follows a 4 step process. This includes Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Nourishment and Maintenance. Hence you not only lose weight, but you get to maintain your weight and a healthy lifestyle throughout your life.

Anjali Mukerjees Health Total Details

Health Total, started in the year 1997, was founded to offer effective health programs that take care of a person’s nutrition and health needs. The most attractive feature of Anjali Mukerjee Health Total programs is that it caters to the lifestyle of a busy, ‘no time on hand’ executive. Health Total offers a complete range of services including Weight Loss Management, Skin Improvement, Diet Charts for Detoxification, Menopause, Joint Pain, Digestion, Diabetes control, Blood Pressure control, Cholesterol control and Fitness at 40. Health Total systems of weight loss and other health programs are specially designed to suit Indian diets and food habits. They suggest no crash dieting and offer tailor-made diet plans. Health Total has now spread its wings Pan India with 60+ centres and 5 Lakh happy clients. And with its Online advice and weight loss treatments, the services of Health Total are never too far from anyone residing in any corner of the world.

Anjali Mukerjees Health Total Corporate Address

G-2, Richa Estate, B/29,
New Link Road, Andheri (W)
Mumbai, India 400053
Phone Number: 91-22-67266888


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