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Crown Plaza is one of the most outstanding malls situated in Faridabad near Delhi. This place is not just meant for the spenders but also those who love to be entertained. If you are a food over, they have enough and more choices designed for you including Lee China, Zosse Restobar, Masala Lounge, Mojo and ‘More Than Paranthas’. The showrooms sell some of the best Indian and International brands like Panasonic, Swatch, Nokia, Lacoste, Colour Plus, Gautier, Nakshatra etc. They offer you both exclusive as well as multi-brand stores to make your choices from. And most importantly, if you are craving for some light entertainment, visit their multiplex and watch all your favorite movies along with your shopping!

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Crown Plaza - Faridabad
29th Milestone, New Mathura Road
Faridabad Sector 15 A,
Faridabad 121007

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