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Get Rs.100 discount on purchase of Rs.1000 worth of Vegetables, Fruits & Groceries at

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Get Rs.100 discount on purchase of Rs.1000 worth of Vegetables, Fruits & Groceries at provides Quality Food Produce at Reasonable Prices at your door-step! Save upto 30% on Monthly Grocery Bill - Farm-Fresh & Hand-Picked - 140+ Items - FREE Shipping.

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Vegetables and Fruits

They have a range of exotic and staple vegetables. Whether it is the standard ones like beans, cabbage, lemon, pumpkin, radish and more to the less common ones like Zucchini, Corn Kernels, Pok Choi, Dill Fresh and American Corn to name a few. In fruits, they have a fascinating range of Indian and imported fruits. You just need to order them online and get them delivered home the next day!

International Food

Under International food, FoodMandi has a variety of options including Breakfast Cereals, Nuts and Dry Fruits, Fruit Preserves, Herbs & Seasoning, Pasta and Tofu. They are well-categorized and easy for you to select. Finding such food even in the shops is not common. So if you can now find it sitting at home, what could be better? Don't forget to Download the FoodMandi Discount Coupon at

Organic Food

Apart from the normal food, FoodMandi also has a range of organic food, the most popular today, like Organic Cereal Grains, Organic Rice & Wheat, Organic Pulses, Organic Snacks, Organic Spices, Organic Masala Mixes, Organic Honey & Jaggery and Organic Chutneys. You usually find these only in limited and specialty stores making it difficult for you to source them most of the time. With this online store, you can now get all the organic food you need.

FoodMandi Details, a provider of quality food products in Gurgaon, is an online venture that delivers your fruits and vegetables home in just 3 steps. All you have to do is place your order online. Food Mandi buys the products in bulk from the farmers’ market directly. Then Food Mandi delivers it at your doorstep exactly the next day! You can now enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables sitting at the convenience of your homes. Products sold online at include exotic and staple vegetables, fruits, International food, oils, ghee, coffee, dairy, various kinds of organic food and more.

FoodMandi Corporate Address

Gurgaon, India 122003


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