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10% Discount on Total Bill at Golden Star Thali Restaurant, Charni Road, Mumbai.

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Get 10% Discount on showing Coupon at Charni Road Outlet of Golden Star Thali Restaurant. Golden Star Thali Restaurant serves cuisine that comes from the cradles of Gujarat & Rajasthan. Every morsel brings to you the spirits, sights & sounds of the people who do India proud with their vibrant colours, their haunting aura, their exquisite food & flavours their dance & their undisputed beauty. Golden Star Thali Restaurant is situated at Opera House, Opposite Charni Road Railway Station (East), Mumbai, since 19 years.

Offer: 10% Discount on Total Bill at Golden Star Thali Restaurant, Charni Road, Mumbai.

Restaurant Timings: Mon - Sun: 12:30 PM - 3 PM and 7 PM - 11:30 PM

Thali Prices: Rs.380 Inclusive of All Taxes.

Call for Reservations, Validity of the Voucher & More Details : 022 23631983 / 23671952

Golden Star Thali Address:
330, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road, Opp. Charni Road Station, Mumbai - 400004

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Gujarati and Rajasthani Cuisines

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Daily Meal Menu

The a-la-carte menu at Golden Star Thali Restaurant consists of some interesting Gujarati and Rajasthani delicacies. Golden Star Thali serves Farsans in three different varieties chat, fried and steamed. They have four types of vegetables, two of them greens, one potato and one lentil. Also available are the Gujarati Dal, Dal Bati, Gujarati Dahi Kadhi, Steamed Basmati Rice, Mevadi Khichdi, Pulao, PhulkasBiscuit Bhakhris, Masala Puri, Makkai or Bajra, Jowar Rotlas, Chutneys, Pickles, Papads, Sago Chips, Mixed Cachumber Salad, Raitas, Curds and much more. They are delicious and unique. So make sure you try them out! Don't forget to download Golden Star Thali Restaurant Coupon from

Lunch Boxes

Most popular are the packed lunch boxes prepared at Golden Star Thali Restaurant for Office going executives, Shopkeepers and Shoppers who visit the place from across Mumbai. These boxes contain the most scrumptious yet simple food that reminds you of your mother’s cooking. It’s also complete and grand with 2 Sweets, 2 Farsans, 2 Vegetables, 5 Phulkas, Dal or Kadhi, Rice, Papad, Pickle, Salad and Mukhwas.

Daily Specials

Apart from the normal menu at the Golden Star Thali Restaurant, every day treats you with something special. You are sure to be surprised with 2 sweets, one with milk. And most excitingly, it is unlimited. Along with this, each day at Golden Star Thali has a special sweet; for instance, Mondays are for Desi Ghee Jelebis, Tuesdays for Kesar Puranpolis, Wednesdays for Malpua Rabdi and so on and so forth. Sunday is super special and offers even Bengali sweets like Malai cham cham, badam bhog, item bhog, kesar toast, anarkali, malai roll, ras malai and rasgullas, Milk items like Dry fruit basundi, angur rabdi, mevadi kheer, strawberry basundi and fruit srikhand and pure ghee items like Adadia pak, meva lapsi, dry fruit sheera, mohan thal, choorma ladu and more.

Golden Star Thali Restaurant Details

Golden Star Thali, started in the year 1993 in Mumbai, offers you a fine array of cuisines from Gujarat & Rajasthan. The master chef, (Maharaja) Shree Maubji Purohit, a pioneer in these cuisines, has been appreciated and revered for his finesse and art for over 50 years now. He personally trains all the main chefs at the Golden Star Thali to ensure that authentic and exquisite flavours are maintained. They serve food a-la-carte and also deliver hot meals to office executives, retail shopkeepers and even shoppers in and around the place. They have the most modern facilities and space to organize family events, get-togethers and kitty parties. The food is out-of-this-world and the ambience well complements the food. It is a beautiful place filled with colours, vibrancy, energy and lots of love.

Golden Star Thali Restaurant Corporate Address

330, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road
Opp: Charni Road Station
Mumbai, India 400004
Phone Number: 91-22-23671952

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