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Get 20% discount on HP Racer 4 Oil on MRP at H.P. Trading in Sion (W) Mumbai.

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20% off on HP Racer 4 Oil on MRP

Racer 4 (1 ltr) - MRP - Rs.240

Racer 4 (900 ml) - MRP - Rs.220

Download the printed coupon and avail the discount at H.P. Trading Company in Sion (W) Mumbai.

HP Racer4, HPCLs 4-stroke engine oil for 4-stroke motorcycles, is the first by any motor oil manufacturer in this category. It’s the finest oil for lubrication of the engine, gear box and wet clutch for every high performance 4-stroke motorcycles.

1) Racer4 provides smooth clutch operation at high speeds, even in adverse driving conditions.
2) It has sufficient oil film thickness for proper lubrication of engine at high temperatures.
3) Its low viscosity is well designed to provide fuel efficiency as well as durability of parts.
4) Racer4 is available in 20W 40, 20W 50, 10W 30 and 15W 50 viscometrics as per the bike manufacturers requirement, conforming to API SL and JASO MA2 specifications.

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HP Racer4 15W 50

For the heavyweights who pound harder Especially developed for more powerful bikes, HP Racer4 15W 50 gives excellent performance. The high load carrying capacity of the oil provides smooth engine operation. And for those who like to cruise on, this ones recommended because it provides sufficient oil film thickness for longer duration. Recommended for 350+ cc bikes, suiting the beat and drive of the bike. HP Racer4 Royal is developed with highly refined base stocks and has additives that provide cleanliness and a smooth ride.
1) Multipurpose engine oil for lubrication of engine, gear box & wet clutches in 4-stroke two wheelers
2) Meets API SG and JASO T903:MA specifications (the product is on file with JALOS)
3) Recommended for use in all 4 stroke motorcycles, scooters, mopeds & scootteretes
4) Optimized co-efficient of friction
5) Excellent oxidation stability
6) Sludge & varnish control
7) Gear antiwear & extreme pressure properties.

HP Racer4 Excel

Excellence in every drop An engine oil developed for bikes with highest specifications. Racer4 Excel is for bikers who give attention to every little element to enhance the performance of their motorbikes. Be it durability of clutch plates or resistance to oil oxidation, this hi-tech product takes care of everything. Also, it has extra features to provide excellent performance on valve drain wear characteristics and is well designed for catalytic compatibility and emission controls. HP Racer4 Excel is available in 20W 40, conforming to API SM / JASO MA2.

HP Racer4 Synthetic

Powered to perform at high speed This is a fully synthetic 4-stroke engine oil, especially engineered to perform at high speed biking. HP Racer4 synthetic is recommended for those who hit the fast lane every time.

H P Trading Details

H.P. Trading Company is the Authorized Distributor of Hindustan Petroleum (HP) Corporation Limited. HPCL has always been in the forefront of manufacturing high quality automotive lubricants in the country. HPCL is a Fortune 500 company, and operates 2 major refineries producing various kinds of petroleum fuels and specialities. It also owns and operates the largest lube refinery in the country. With growing turnover and new infrastructure, HPCL holds over 20% of market share in the industry today.

H P Trading Corporate Address

5A/801, Navre Apt., Sion (w), Mumbai
Mumbai, India 400022
Phone Number: 91-22-24026271

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