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Get 50% discount on Comprehensive Health Profile at Healthcare nt Sickcare.
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Health-Diagnostics: Healthcare nt Sickcare in Pune Discount Offers

Get 50% discount on Comprehensive Health Profile at Healthcare nt Sickcare.

Price: Rs.2500
Discounted Price: Rs.1250

Call 9850588199 (Ms Nivedita) to book

Profiles Covered:
1) Thyroid Profile (Basic 3 Tests)
2) Liver Profile (Complete 11 Tests)
3) Lipid Profile (Complete 7 Tests)
4) Kidney Profile (Complete 6 Tests)
5) Iron+Magnesium (2 Iron Deficiency Tests)
6) RA Factor (Arthritis Test)
7) Hs-CRP (Cardiac Test)
8) CPK-Total (Cardiac Test)
9) LDH (Cardiac Test)
10) Infectious Diseases (HIV,HbSag,AHCV)
11) Phosphorus
12) Complete Hemogram with ESR
13) Complete Urine-R
14) Blood Sugar-F
15) HbA1c (Diabetic Screening Test)
16) Urine-Microalbumin (Diabetic Urine Tests)

Processing in Fully Auto Blood & Urine Tests Analyzers From Simense, Sysmex, Aspen, Mindray etc…
Reports in 48 hrs via email or hard copy on request.
Rush Free Lab.. No Waiting..Time Allotment For Each Client…Special Appointment For Sunday 9.30-11am
Lowest Charges Guaranteed For 77 Blood/Urine Tests in PUNE

Terms and Conditions

1) 10-12 hrs Fasting Required To Undergo these tests.
2) Home Visit Available in City Limits with nominal additional charges (Rs.80 Upto 10kms & Rs.130 Above 10km from Aundh Per Visit)
3) Payment in Advance in Cash
4) HOME VISIT AVAILABLE (On Availability)
5) Book Now On 9850588199 (Ms Nivedita)

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Clinical Laboratory Testing and Services

Healthcare ‘nt’ Sickcare offers the best clinical lab testing services in Pune. Their tests include Preventive Health Check Up, Corporate Tie-Up for Employee's Health Evaluation and more. For most health check-ups, blood testing is essential. Blood tests provide you basic details about your health, determine what is "normal" for you, detect a medical condition before you start having symptoms, confirm that a medical condition exists, identify the cause of a symptom and also determine the appropriate medicine to be taken & whether it is working. Categories tested are Hematology, Biochemistry, Hormones, Clinical Pathology and Microbiology/Serology.

Home Visit

If you are looking for someone who could visit you home and get your tests done, you couldn’t find a choice better than Healthcare ‘nt’ Sickcare. They come and collect samples from you. Once the tests are completed, they facilitate online report through email, hard copy delivery through local courier or personal delivery or SMS reporting. They give you convenient timeslots for samples that require fasting. Especially if the patient is old or a child, extra consideration shall be meted out.

Healthcare nt Sickcare Details

Healthcare ‘nt’ Sickcare, started in the year 2004 in Pune by V!VURA VENTURES, is a clinical laboratory testing center and offers a comprehensive array of clinical tests at affordable costs. Their focus is not on treating sickness but preventing sickness before they attack you. They have complete tests for diseases like Thyroid, Diabetes, Cancer, HIV – AIDS, Arthritis, Hepatitis, Anemia and Iron Deficiency among others. Today they offer their services to over 40 hospitals and clinical laboratories apart from over 500 of their own direct customers.

Healthcare nt Sickcare Corporate Address

Clinical Laboratory Testing Flat NO.4, 2nd Floor
Rajnigandha Apartment,B/H. D.A.V. School, D.P.Road
Pune, India 411007

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