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Earn a free oven or Arcuisine Bakeware set absolutely free on IFB products For Barclay Card Holders
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Earn a free oven or Arcuisine Bakeware set absolutely free on IFB products For Barclay Card Holders.

IFB, one of the most popular and renowned brands in India for home appliances, brings to you innovation in home management. From washing machines and clothes driers to Microwave ovens and dishwashers, with state-of-the-art appliances that make your life easier for you, you can now effortlessly maintain a clean home and try out complicated yummy recipes that were mere bits of paper until now! A perfect blend of engineering genius and the magic of home management, IFB is your only choice. And if you possess a Barclaycard Credit Card, take home an oven or an arcuisine bake-ware set absolutely free on purchase of any IFB product under offer. That is two birds in one shot, so grab it!

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Washing machine

When you wash your clothes in a normal washing machine, you need to make sure the clothes you are putting in are washable in a machine or not first! But with an IFB, just throw in anything and everything you want from expensive shirts and kurtas to even silk sarees. The IFB washing machine has a special cycle to do your work for you. All you need to do is to select the appropriate cycle that indicates the water temperature and spin speed. So based on the clothes, just click and sit back. Leave everything else to IFB!

Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryers usually have drums into which clothes are put in and extremely hot air is blown into them to dry them. This is not always good for the clothes. To make this system of drying clothes more environment-friendly, IFB discovered the option of using high air velocity in the place of hot air. The drums in an IFB dryer have holes in it to facilitate air circulation. This is safer for the expensive and sensitive clothes and garments are dried more evenly as compared to the traditional techniques used. Rightly so, when you go to buy a washing machine, the first name that you would hear is IFB!

Oven and Dishwasher

Cooking can be a pleasurable experience for all those who hate going into the kitchen! A beautiful mélange of performance and beauty, the IFB ovens are most suitable to cook anything from a grilled tandoori chicken on the rotisserie or a complete family meal on a 20SC2. And complimenting you cooking skills with the oven is the IFB dishwasher equipped with a flow-through heater and a closed drying system. Different from other dishwashers in the market, very hygienic and with a sealed drying system, IFB is probably your ONLY choice for a fully operational and fully equipped hassle-free dishwasher!

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