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Get Juice , Pav Bhaji & more worth Rs.340 for just Rs.250 at Juice - O- Licious.

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*As per the information provided to us on 22/09/2014 this business is closed and no longer operational. Please check out our other Restaurant Offers: Restaurants Deals in Hyderabad

Get Juice , Pav Bhaji & more worth Rs.340 for just Rs.250 at Juice - O- Licious.

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Fresh Juices

In this diet-conscious world, fresh juices are the ideal sources of fibres, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates. Drinking juice can give your skin a glowing complexion and keep your whole body healthy, fit and fine. No wonder fresh juices are the most popular among the young and old alike. So get all the juices be it mango, apple, orange, grape, mosambi, pineapple and much more to not only quench your thirst but also excite your taste-buds.


If you love chaats and are looking for some real authentic chaat, there is no place like Juice-o-licious in Hyderabad. Find all your favourite chaats and more out there for you and your friends. Hang out, have some bhelpuri, dahi paapdi or pani puri and top it up with their fresh juices. There could not be a more wholesome meal for you anywhere that is both filling and fun!


If you think Chaats and Fruit Juices sound like fun, then check this out. They also have a whole range of milkshakes, faluda, sodas, ice creams and even mouth-watering ice golas for you out there. How long ago did you taste some yummy, hygienic ice-gola? Cannot remember, can you? Well, here is your chance. Safe to taste and delicious to lick, these ice-golas along with their ice creams and faludas are indeed a treat!

Juice-O-Licious Details

JUICE-O-LICIOUS is a perfect place to spend an evening having a chaat/juice with your loved ones or friends. You can enjoy the ambience of JUICE-O-LICIOUS juxtaposed with the city or you can enjoy your refreshments in comfort of your own car.JUICE-O-LICIOUS serve tasty chaats, fresh juices, refreshing beverages, delicous milkshakes, delightful sandwiches and full of fun ice golas. We also provide different combo packages to enhance your exprerience.JUICE-O-LICIOUS is an aptly named outlet for chaat, juices, icecreams, milkshakes and not to forget something that everyone from kids to adults love - ice golas. Every item in this outelt is refreshingly delicious living up to its name.

Juice-O-Licious Corporate Address

KBR Park, Gate No. 3, Road No. 3
Banjara Hills
Hyderabad, India 500033

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/juiceolicious

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