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15% Discount on food bill above Rs 1500 at KongPoush Restaurant
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15% Discount on your Food Bill above Rs.1500 at KongPoush - Kashmiri Cuisine.

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Bill needs to be more than Rs.1500 for the discount to be applicable.


Kashmiri Cuisine, Iranian Cuisine, Afghan Cuisine influence

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KongPoush - Kashmiri Cuisine India

Non-Veg Kashmiri Cuisine

Are you a lover of non-vegetarian delicacies? Well, make sure you try out the meat and fish specials at KongPoush. From meat dishes like Seekh kababs, Kabargah, Tabakh Maaz, Roganjosh, Goshtaba to interesting fish cuisines like Tamatar Gaad, KongPoush Gaad and Mujih Gaad, you find it all. Experience soft delicious meat cooked to perfection with the most relishing combination of spices. The true taste of Kashmir is now at your doorstep!

VegetarianKashmiri Cuisine

If KongPoush - Kashmiri Crusine pampers the non vegetarians, it also spoils the vegetarian food freaks with absolutely gorgeous Kashmiri vegetarian delicacies. Starting with soups and starters, they offer great wholesome dishes like Dum Aloo, Razmah, Paneer dishes known as Chamman, Nadir (lotus stems), Haakh, (an exotic green leafy vegetable) and Gogji (Turnips). They can compete any day with their non-vegetarian counterparts and win! So whatever your taste, you should definitely try out these Kashmiri cuisines at KongPoush - Kashmiri Crusine!


Desserts in Kashmir are exotic. The Gulab Jamun and Kong Phirin, a saffron flavored suji and milk pudding are commonly found and loved. But you should also try the Shufta. A rich Kashmiri specialty, this is made up of dry coconuts, raisins, dates and khus khus, all cooked in sweet syrup. Another of their specialties is the Kahwa; hot digestive herbal tea served hot or chilled based on your taste! If these intrigue you, visit KongPoush - Kashmiri Crusine and find a lot more of these unique Kashmiri desserts to gorge on.

KongPoush - Kashmiri Cuisine Details

KongPoush is the only restaurant that serves authentic Kashmiri cuisines, Kong Poush - Kashmiri Cuisine is a treasure house of exotic food. The delicacies at KongPoush - Kashmiri Cuisine are a blend of Indian, Iranian and Afghan influences. Dishes like Kabargah, Tabakh Maaz, KongPoush Gaad, Mujih Gaad, Dum Aloo, Haakh, Gogji and Nadir challenge all your 5 senses! It also provides value added services including home delivery, party and catering orders. And desserts like Kong Phirin, Shufta and Gulab jamuns add a pinch of sweetness to your spicy meal! What is truly unique about KongPoush - Kashmiri Cuisine is the `Shikaras`, the wooden boats you sit on to dine! The beauty of the valley has been recreated with Kashmiri woodwork, pictures of the valley, Kangdis, Samovars, Papier Mache items, and typically Kashmiri embroidered cushion covers and wall hangings.

KongPoush - Kashmiri Cuisine Corporate Address

194/1547, Motilal Nagar No.1,
Near Oshiwara Bus Depot, Goregaon (W)
Mumbai, India 400025
Phone Number: 91-22-28784778

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