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Save Rs. 450 on Lavish Lunch Buffet with unlimited cocktails @ Kyra Restaurant
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Save Rs. 450/- on Lavish Lunch Buffet at Kyra. Actual price Rs. 1100/-, you get at just Rs 650/-(Discount 41%).

From May 1st, Kyra Theatre Restaurant launches a 3 month long lavish lunch buffet with unlimited cocktails. Enjoy food worth Rs.1100 for just Rs.650 which is a whopping 41% down. Have some great food and also exciting cocktails to match the dishes!

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Lavish Lunch Buffet at Kyra Restaurant

During lunch hours, experience an unlimited sumptuous buffet of world cuisines with unbelievable salads, mouth-watering starters, tempting main courses, heavenly desserts and unlimited cocktails. While you are sailing through truly delicious gastronomical journey, enjoy strums of light acoustic performance or non intrusive theatre act. And for a limited time, you can savor this royal experience for just Rs.650, a whopping 41% discount at this famous, popular restaurant in Bangalore.

Their lunch buffets are exciting with different menus each day of the week. A typical menu includes veg and non-veg soups, kebabs, dum biryanis, special sea food, chicken, mutton, a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies; all rich with the striking flavors of the North Western Frontier. They also showcase a live street chaat station.

Kyra Power Dining Restaurant

Kyra, loyal to the place that granted it its name, offers some of the most authentic Persian delicacies cooked to perfection on simmering coal, traditional lava stones and on traditional tajines. The effort at Kyra is to facilitate a seamless flow of traditional tastes into the modern era without disturbing its balance. It has tried to bring to India the soul of the north and the north west of the globe through its tantalizing food, ambience and service. With the most experienced chef at work, there is no choice but to taste the most exotic International food.

Kyra Theatre

Level 2 at Kyra has the theatre. Music, entertainment, performances and much more add to your plate of tasty food and drinks. It brings to you a daily dose of varieties of local, national and international arts that entertain and educate you. Lunches are normally quieter and offer you an opportunity to relax, bond with family and friends or just take some time off for yourself. The theater comfortably accommodates around 225 people at a time. With great lights, great music and great entertainment, this is the place where creativity is at its best and gives aspiring artists an opportunity to perform live. You should not miss this experience at any cost!

Kyra Theatre & Restaurant Details

Kyra, one of the finest restaurants in Bangalore, is named to denote the richness and splendour of its meaning; `Lord` in Persian and `Like Sun` in Egyptian. It specializes in Persian Food and offers you the most authentic delicacies of the north. Located in the most central part of the city, it occupies over 9000 feet and 2 levels. The first level has the restaurant while the second level hosts the signature diner theatre where you can not only enjoy some great food but also some great music and other performing arts. The second level also gives you a casual bar and a dinner menu to go with your drinks and fun. With the best in food, the most outstanding in service and a fantastic ambience, Kyra has become one of the most sought-after food joints in the city today.

Kyra Theatre & Restaurant Corporate Address

#No2001, Katti-Ma Centre 100ft Road,
Bengaluru, India 560038

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