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Buy any main course dish and get the next one free of the same or lesser value.
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Buy any main course dish and get the next one free of the same or lesser value.

Based in Khar, Mumbai, Lebanese Point provides the most authentic lebanese cuisines you could ask for! From Shawarmas, Spaniols an Taouks to Falafels, Hummus and other Lebanese specials, you find it all. And most important, the rates are extremely reasonable in spite of being Non-Indian food. So if you want to try some different food without worrying about your pockets, this is a place you could try out! And as a festive bonus, they are also offering one free dish (of the same value or less) for every main dish you buy. Can Lebanese food ever get any cheaper?



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Fresh roasted meat wrapped in Pita Bread or Lafa together with vegetable dressings and sauces define the lebanese shawarmas. The shawarmas could be made in different combinations of meat and tooped with tahini, hummus, pickled beets, amba etc. A staple fast-food accepted all across the Middle East and North Africa, it is fast becoming a rage in India too. And to find the most authentic of Shawarmas, visit Lebanese Point!


Falafels, small deep fried patties made of very spicy ground chick-peas or fava beans, are labenese favourites. Usually served inside or wrapped in Lafa, these falafels are topped with salads and sauses to give it that exquisite flavor. They are served as snacks as well as a wholesome meal! Maybe the next time you decide to dine out in Mumbai, you should check this place out, especially its yummy falafels!


Taouks are very similar to our Indian Kebabs. Cubes of chicken marinated in tomato sauce or yoghurt and grilled is eaten with toum, a kind of garlic paste. It could be served with rice and other vegetables to make it a complete meal. You could also find sandwiches which come wrapped in Pita breads seasoned with garlic paste and served with lettuce, tomatoes and turnips. Either way, the taste is fabulous. So make sure you have it atleast once!

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