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Get 50% discount on Diet Plan packages at

Get Mantra 4 Fitness Coupons

Get 50% discount on Diet Plan packages at

Exclusive Exercise Plans at Mantra 4 Fitness available at a discount of Flat 50% OFF.

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1) One Month - (3-4 kgs)
Rs.2,500 per month
Discounted Cost: Rs.1250

2) Two Months - (6 - 8 Kgs)
Rs.4500 per month
Discounted Cost: Rs.2250

3) Three Months - (9 - 12 Kgs)
Rs.6000 per month
Discounted Cost: Rs.3000

4) Four Months - (12 - 16 Kgs)
Rs.7000 per month
Discounted Cost: Rs.3500

5) Six Months
Rs.9750 per month
Discounted Cost: Rs.4875

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Weight Loss Plans

Weight loss has always been a concern for many. There are many different ways of losing your weight and various organizations have different plans for you. But what sets Mantra 4 Fitness apart from all of them is the fact that they provide you simple solutions like a weekly balanced diet that does not hinder with your scrumptious parties or events and exercise schedules for your level of fitness and need. Mantra 4 Fitness also gives tips to be kept in mind while eating out so that you can enjoy food outside, yet maintain your health.

Diabetic Diet Plans

The Diabetes Packages for you at Mantra 4 Fitness involve a customized diet plan based on your weight and a well-balanced diet. Food options are not strict. They have a flexible list of food items you could select from based on your taste. The extent and kind of exercise to be done is also provided based on a calculation of your carbohydrate to insulin ratio. They schedule a physical activity plan for you and also give you an e-guide to monitor your blood glucose levels at all times. Don't forget to download the Coupon at


Apart from Weight Loss and Diabetes, Mantra 4 Fitness also offers other health packages including Diet for Hypothyroid, PCOS, Menopausal, Osteoporosis, and in general for Better Health, Kids, Senior Citizens, Bride and Groom, College Goers and more. You can select the package that you find in need of the most right now. Mantra 4 Fitness has flexible diets and customized exercise schedules for different people.

Mantra 4 Fitness Details

Mantra 4 Fitness, an online health and fitness solution, offers you the right diet and best exercise schedules to ensure a healthy wellbeing. Be it losing and increasing your weight, toning or building your muscles or maintaining weight with any given medical condition, has just the solutions for you. The best part is that their diets are flexible and does not deprive you from socializing or eating out. They also give a reasonably long list of food items you could select from for your diet! The experts at Mantra 4 Fitness are best qualified to give you customized exercises and diet options. At Mantra 4 Fitness decisions are made after a thorough check-up on everything like eating habits, lifestyle, and family history. Mantra 4 Fitness’ services can be broadly categorized to include Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Stamina Building, Diabetes Management, Thyroid Management and Menopausal Weight Management among others.

Mantra 4 Fitness Corporate Address

Mantra 4 Fitness BE 371, Ist Floor,
Hari Nagar
Delhi, India 110062


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