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Teeth Cleaning and Polishing + Dental Checkup worth Rs.1500 for just Rs.499 at Oral Care.

Save at Oral Care in Mumbai with UPto75 Coupons.

1) Teeth Cleaning and Polishing + Dental Checkup worth Rs.1500 for just Rs.499 at Oral Care.

2) Get 25 % Discount on Tooth Removal , Tooth Colored Filling and all other dental procedures at Oral Care.

3) Get 50% discount on Third molar removal surgery at Oral Care.

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Teeth Cleaning, Polishing and Dental Check up

‘Teeth cleaning’ at regular intervals is essential to prevent cavities, gingivitis and periodontal diseases. It is the same with polishing. Polishing is the process of smoothing the surface of the teeth so that plaque does not accumulate on the surface area easily. When you go for your regular dental check-ups, you can also clean and polish your teeth alongside. At Oral Care, they have the most modern devices to make this process easy and fast. Oral Care does such great work on them that you can go home with sparkling teeth.

Tooth Removal and Fillings

The scariest intervention on your teeth is when it needs to be pulled out. At Oral care Bhayander, they make you feel so comfortable that you wouldn’t even know the job has been done until the doctor tells you so. They make the process of removing the teeth painless. If the cavity on your tooth is not too bad, they fill it for you instead of removing it. There are various ways of filling them. Oral Care uses silver fillings or ceramic fillings based on your budget. You can make your choice and be assured that the job will be done to perfection. Don't forget to download the Oral Care Discount Coupon from UPto75.com

Third Molar Removal Surgery

Third Molar Removal or removal of the Wisdom tooth is the most difficult. It involves a surgery and is often painful. So you can’t just go to any clinic and get it removed like other teeth. You have to have a specialist do it for you using the best of equipment. And this is what Oral Care does. Tried and tested processes performed by surgeons who know their job makes your task easy.

Oral Care Details

Oral care, a multi-speciality dental clinic in Mumbai, offers a number of dental care services including complete oral and maxillofacial care. Dental implants, corrective jaw surgery, extraction of wisdom teeth, the management of oral pathology, Joint disorders, Facial trauma, radiographic services and more apart from the common concerns like tooth removal, fillings, third molar removal surgery and teeth cleaning are undertaken by specialized surgeons. The facility at Oral Care is state-of-the-art and equipment is international. Oral Care ensures that any job done on your teeth or gums is perfect and of high quality. Oral Care has a dedicated customer base and you cannot be but happy with their standard of services. For a change, you will look forward to going to a dentist!

Oral Care Corporate Address

B108 , Anasuya Apartment Opp Railway Station
Besides Nation Dairy , Bhayender
Mumbai, India 401105

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