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Get 50% discount on Food & Beverages during Happy Hours at Silk Route.

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50% discount on Food & Beverages during Happy Hours at Silk Route, Koregaon Park ,Pune

Happy Hours: 4PM to 7PM

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Offer Applicable only during Happy Hours


Asian Food, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese Cuisines

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Silk Route Cuisines

All kinds of food at Silk Route, whether Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian or Vietnamese, are prepared by trained chefs who have learnt the art of cooking from world renowned master chefs. Silk Route Sushis, Sashimis and Teppanyaki meals are worth a mention, Silk Route being the first to have ever made them available in Pune. If you are looking for authentic tastes and variety in choices, this is definitely the place for you!

Silk Route Specialties

Silk Route, Koregaon Park, Pune is popular for its specials. Their special items include lobsters, caviar, Norwegian salmon, Indonesian tuna, dimsums and barbeques. These are served with a range of interesting sauces. These ‘specialties’ were first introduced at Silk Route before it became a common item in the menu card elsewhere in Pune. And rightly so, nothing beats the authentic taste these lovely specials have at Silk Route. And don't forget to Download the FREE Discount Coupon of Silk Route Restaurant.

Silk Route Beverages

The Relapse Lounge offers you a collection of some of the best and most exotic cocktails and mocktails apart from the common ones found in every pub. Classic drinks like the Carabinieri, Cinderella and SAKE (Japanese rice wine) Cocktails served with exciting starters and dips are highly popular. And if you are looking for that cocktail you always enjoy taking, you get it too! Enjoy the ambience at the Relapse Lounge with some beautiful and rare drinks!

Silk Route Details

Silk Route, the Oriental Restaurant is the only restaurant in Pune serving authentic Asian cuisine. Covering cuisines from China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam, it offers you a complete menu of mouth-watering Asian dishes. Silk Route Restaurant is located in the heart of Koregaon and is divided into three sections; a courtyard, the restaurant and the relapse lounge. The courtyard is open-air lit up by candles on each table. The restaurant is inside, beautified with great interiors and emanating a great feeling. The food is also fresh and yummy. The relapse lounge is a very comfortable area decorated with sofas, seasoned with music played by a DJ, a wooden floor to dance on and some great offers to suit your pockets!

Silk Route Corporate Address

357/1, Pingale Corner, Lane No. 6, Koregaon Park
Pune, India 411001

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