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Discounts on Membership Packages @Six Sigma Fitness Centre Hyderabad

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Discounts on Membership Packages.

Six Sigma Fitness Centre has offered some great discounts in memberships. Get the monthly membership package worth Rs.1200 at Rs. 1000, the quarterly package worth Rs.3300 at Rs.3000, the half yearly package worth Rs.6500 at Rs.6000 and the yearly package worth Rs.11500 at Rs.11000.

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Basic Amenities

Basic Amenities at Six Sigma include the treadmill, cross trainer, cycle, multi gym, cross bar, leg extension, leg press, other strength building machines and work out balls, to name a few. The treadmills have comfort cushioning helping the customer avoid back pains, knee pains and undue stress. The workout balls are also extensively prescribed to strengthen core muscles. Nevertheless, there are personal trainers who supervise each member ensuring that exercises are done correctly and not overdone either. Technology used is most modern and facilities cannot be any better.

Additional Benefits

Music is food for the soul. At Six Sigma Fitness Centre, they introduced a new system of bringing together synchronized massage and music to give your body and soul the perfect repose they need. The concept is the i-Symphonic music chair. It helps rejuvenate both body and soul in one go! They also offer multi functional steam bath equipped with feather touch digital control, anti- scaling hydro massage jets, overhead showers, aqua pressure, foot massager, ozonizer, radio and an internal light. A steam bath could have never been this easy and soothing.

Dietician/ Nutrition

Just exercise will not bring you health. A well managed diet and good eating habits are also essential to ensure a sound health. Keeping this in mind, Six Sigma Fitness Centre associates itself with one of the nest wellness companies in the city to help its dieticians offer you a well medicated diet. They advice you on your food based on your body type, nature of work, and extent of workouts. A great diet and good exercise help you relax your body and mind to live a stress-free life!

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