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15% flat discount on all T T Foot Care services.
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15% flat discount on all T T Foot Care services.

Now, to make it even better, they are offering a flat 15% off on all TT Foot Care services. Is not that a great deal? The main services they offer include foot reflexology (foot massage), Shiatsu (Japanese body massage), Thai traditional massage (yoga massage), head and shoulder massage and pedicure.
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Foot Reflexology

At TT Foot Care, you can avail the renowned foot reflexology treatment of de-stressing yourself. This is an alternative medicine method wherein parts of your feet are massaged. The pressure applied to these parts helps not only in providing relief to tension, headaches and such ailments but also in improving your general health. This is accomplished because the process leads to increased circulation, release of tension and relaxation of muscles and the mind.


TT Foot Care offers the traditional Japanese therapy called Shiatsu where pressure is applied on different points of the whole body to relax the muscles and increase circulation. IN Shiatsu, only the fingers, arms and especially the thumb is used to press on points that are related to the central and autonomic nervous system. This corrects all imbalances of the body and helps in maintaining and promoting health. It is also used in curing specific illnesses.

Thai Traditional Massage

Thai massage is a deep massage involving stretching and loosening up the body to help you relax. They do not use oil for the massage and is usually performed on the floor or a flat bench. The theory is that air, when inhaled into the lungs, travel through a huge number of vessels in the body. Hence Thai massage includes yoga-like stretches which stimulate the vessels and move the air freely through the body through a pumping action connected with your breathing. This is a great way to de-stress yourself and improve health.

T T Foot Care Details

TT Foot Care, a massaging and foot reflexology center, offers a number of massages and treatments that help you relax and relieve you from anxiety, headache, nervous tension, stiff neck and shoulder, back pain, migraine and insomnia and more. The main services they offer include foot reflexology (foot massage), Shiatsu (Japanese body massage), Thai traditional massage (yoga massage), head and shoulder massage and pedicure. With an air-conditioned room of Tibetan architecture and soothing relaxing flute music, the ambience is sufficient to unwind your senses. To add to this, some expert massages for your foot and body based on your need completed your process of relaxation and rejuvenation. TT Foot Care follows international standards and highest in services. Their technique of pressing the pressure points called Chakras in India, on the sole and near the spinal chord provides relief to pain. It restores a smooth and well balanced flow of energy in the body.

T T Foot Care Corporate Address

9, PVR Saket Complex, Ground Floor,
Near PVR Cinema, Saket,
Delhi, India 110017
Phone Number: 91-11-40514561

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