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20% OFF on Yoga Classes at Awaken Inner Buddha, Jangpura, Delhi.
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Awaken Inner Buddha is a Holistic & Spiritual Training Centre in New Delhi offering techniques that help revitalize your energies and stay happy & fit. Awaken Inner Buddha services include Rejuvenating Massages, Classes on Yoga and Meditation, Healing massage sessions, workshops, Reiki.

Offer 1: 1 session for Small Private Group less than or equal to 4 (for 2 hours)
Prices per person
Original Price: Rs.1500
Discount Price: Rs.1200

Offer 2: 1 session Group of 5 and above( for 2 hours )
Prices per person
Original Price: Rs.1000
Discount Price: Rs.800

Offer 3: Private Spiritual Therapy-Destress Consultations(for 60 Minutes)
Original Price: Rs.1500
Discount Price: Rs.1200

Offer 4:Massages Conducted at Clients own premises (for 60 Minutes)( Minimum 2 bookings )
Prices per person
Original Price: Rs.2500
Discount Price: Rs.2000

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Classes: Classical Hatha Yoga, Education about different types of yoga, Raja Yoga, Meditation - Aana Paana and Vippassna Buddhist Meditations, Pranayama, Ashtanga Yoga, Holistic Workshops on yoga, meditation, healing and healing massages.

Timings: 5:15 AM - 11:15 AM & 5:15 PM - 7:30 PM (7 days a week)

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Call for Enrolments, Validity of the Voucher and Other Details: +91-8179926269, +91-8008887500

Awaken Inner Buddha Address:
2/24, Second Floor, Backside Flat, Jangpura, Delhi 110014

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Awaken Inner Buddha brings to you the classical yoga practice called Hatha Yoga.Introduced to man kind by Lord Shiva himself,this is one of the oldest and most effective techniques of yoga and considered to be more than 3000 years old. Hatha Yoga, combined with Buddhist meditation techniques like Anna Paana and Vippassna offer you a holistic system of mind , spirit and body control. And this is what Awaken Inner Buddha does for you. Once you master the pure arts of Yoga and Vippassna, you establish a natural balance within yourselves and become one with the universal energies that drive our lives.


Even if you are not an avid spiritual enthusiast, you can schedule with Awaken Inner Buddha to enjoy some of the most rejuvenating massages. The massage that is offered is a mix of Tantra, Ayurvedic Techniques, Reiki and Thai Massage, all of which help you spruce up your inner energies and Chakras. It’s the perfect means of recharging your bodies and minds. For those who wish to learn, they have the Healing Massage Course which is 6 days long with a total of 18 hrs. They help you empty your minds to let energies flow freely. This energy, in turn, is used to heal another person effectively. So purification of your mind, releasing of negative energies and understanding your capability of helping another form an integral part of this course. Please Share Awaken Inner Buddha Discount Coupon Page on your Social Media Profiles

Meditation and more

Meditation, as offered along with Hatha Yoga, is Vippassna.This is the meditation that was originally taught by Buddha about 2500 years ago. Once the basic knowledge of meditation is imparted to you, the Teacher sits with you in meditation which lasts for 30-60 minutes. After regular practice once you learn to sit static in a place and look within without getting stressed or thoughtful, the process of meditating becomes effortless, joyful and a part of your daily life. Along with this, Awaken Inner Buddha also teaches you about energy flow, the Chakras, healing techniques, methods of channelizing your energies and much more. If you need to discuss your concerns or deep seated fears, you can fix up an appointment and get a spiritual, energy or stress consultation done.

Awaken Inner Buddha Details

Awaken Inner Buddha, a Holistic & Spiritual education centre started in 2006 in New Delhi, offers you a holistic range of ‘body and mind’ nourishing techniques to not only rejuvenate your senses but also revitalize your energies and develop a deep and more positive outlook towards life. You can experience their lovely massages or learn the art of healing massages, reiki and others. The highlight of their menu, though are their 2 hours Yoga and Meditation class. A means of staying fit, happy and understanding yourselves by delving deep into your soul, their yoga and meditation classes are super effective in increasing your energy levels yet at the same time calming the mind down. So get away from the mundane, stressed out lives for a short while to spend time with yourselves and Awaken your Inner Buddha.

Awaken Inner Buddha Corporate Address

2/24, Second Floor, Backside Flat,
Delhi, India 110014


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