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1) 10% discount on purchase of any program on SchoolCountry makes innovative math worksheets, activities, computer programs and physical games for students of KG to Grade 6. These products are designed by IITians and are being used by leading schools like DPS, Jindal, MGD etc to improve math performance of their students.

2) Rs 100 discount on purchase of BrainX – math worksheets and activities subscription. BrainX covers entire math curriculum for your child through a combination of real life applications, games and activities. This IITian designed program improves retention, understanding and interest in math.

3) Rs 200 discount on purchase of MATHLAB – the online math game 12 month program. MATHLAB is a fun mountain climbing game for students of Grade 1 to Grade 5 where you get infinite math practice of all topics as you play and complete fun challenges.

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One if the most sought-after products from School Country is BrainX. It is one of the most comprehensive math training programmes for students up to class 6 in the world. They engage students with games, activities and exercises to make maths not only plain simple but also interesting and fun! BrainX addresses more than 650 math skills. Programmes are customized for each class. It covers the entire curriculum for NCERT-India and NCTM-Singapore. And what’s more, printed exercise sheets are delivered at your home too. Isn’t that cool?!


MathLab is meant for students between classes 1 and 5. It is based less on theoretical learning and more on gaming. It includes games, exercises and an insightful problem design to make maths enjoyable and easy at the same time! The concept is based on a game of mountain climbing. They have to keep solving as they go up. They would have to, like all other games, face new circumstances and challenges as they go up. The fun is kept intact through rewards, incentives and the competitive drive it generates!


If you are looking for an NTSC curriculum package that can help your child score high in his exams, this is the right place to look. School Country has a 5-day excellence programme prepared by IITians containing 7 full length tests, hundreds of mini tests, peer comparison, review and more. Now you can prepare for NTSE on your computer or on your android mobile or tablet too!

School Country Details

School Country, an online resource pool of students’ learning material, offers you the most advanced computer based learning games, patented board games, math worksheets, activities and more. Here, learning is based on student pull and not teacher push as is the norm. They are fully aligned to school curriculum, is very easy to use and durable. The products you buy from School Country are scientifically designed and copyrighted. Training is personalized and children could learn at their own pace. And the best part is that it offers your child unlimited practice options and unlimited fun.

School Country Corporate Address

Logic Roots Private Limited 219
Pinkcity Towers, Banipark, Jaipur
Jaipur, India 302016


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