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6% OFF - Learn FilmMaking in just 2 days at Mini Box Office.
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6% OFF - Learn FilmMaking in just 2 days at Mini Box Office.

Delhi : 11th - 12th Nov 2012
Kolkata : 15th - 16th Nov 2012
Chennai : 19th - 20th Nov 2012
Bangalore : 22nd - 23rd Nov 2012
Mumbai : 25th - 26th Nov 2012

Also, you may be interested in Chennai Shorts Global Film Festival on 18th Nov 2012..

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Film Making Workshops

Mini Box Office comes up with film making workshops that guide you to master the art of making movies. They cover the entire film production cycle, scripting, cinematography, film direction, editing and more combined with practical sessions and Q & A also. For those who wish to understand the basics of film making and get interesting tips that would facilitate practical self-learning, these courses are perfect. They are not expensive and are mostly short courses/ workshops.

Publicity and Distribution

If you have a short film that you are proud of but could do with some visibility, Mini Box Office is the place you should turn to. They undertake marketing, promotions and distribution of all genres of films. They publicize your films through TV Broadcasts, Video-on-Demand, Online Promotions, Mobile Phone Content, DVD Video Releases, Theatrical Release of Short Films, Film Club Releases, In-flight/Travel/In-store and Captive Audience Network.

Film Festivals

Mini Box Office offers you the facility to enrol your short film for the film festivals online. You can submit your movie, fill up the entry forms and understand rules and regulations of the festival, all with just a click.

Mini Box Office Details

Mini Box Office, one of the largest Media and Films Market set up in 2010 and based in Noida, engages in the marketing, promotion and distribution of short films from across the country. The entity is owned by RBS Media and brings to you various flavours in short films though its online presence as well as by conducting film festivals across India. Their film festivals are recognized with the tag line “Short Films Big Entertainment”. Movies can be submitted online and entries for the film festivals can also be filled up online and submitted through them. For those who love watching short films, check out their collection of short comedies, children films, short films & animations on different genres, micro-movies on social issues, motivational & Inspirational movies and documentaries on environment, AIDS & other subjects. And if you wish to learn Film Making, Mini Box Office has that also for you.

Mini Box Office Corporate Address

914, Gangotri Block, Anand Ashray Plot GH-07A
Sec Phi-02 Greater Noida
Noida, India 201310

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