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Get 15% discount at Kwality Walls Swirls, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

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Swirl's is a concept of ice cream parlours from Kwality Wall's, that provides fresh, fun and an unique 'made-for-me' consumer experience.
Launched in India in 2004, there are now over 175 Parlours across India.

Swirls Range:

Swirls - Cornetto Thunderstorm, Cornetto, Disc Chocolate, Selectrion Fresh Fruit, Selection Dry Fruit, Bru Cappuccino

Chill Grill - A new way to enjoy your ice cream…ice cream mixed exclusively for you on a chilled slab of stone. Available in Selection Strawberry Currant, Selection Dry Fruit and Selection Chocolate Excess

Zippers - A refreshing combination of vanilla soft ice with Fruttare Mango, Fruttare Grape and Fruttare Lychee.

Offer from Kwailty Walls Parlour located at The Scoop, Salt Lake Kolkata: 15% discount

For Details Call : 9831142477

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Offer is valid at The Kwality Walls Swirls Outlet The Scoop, Salk Lake, Kolkata


Ice Cream Parlour

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Your Swirl

Your Swirl is one of the best concepts that any ice-cream lover would come across. Here you get to choose any 3 toppings and any sauce to go over your ice-cream. They swirl it for you. Kwality Walls Swirls has some interesting flavours for you like Black Forest and Double Chocolate Thunderstorm Swirl and fun toppings like Fresh Fruits and Dry Fruits. Pick your combinations and enjoy a customized and personalized ice-cream. Don't forget to download Kwality Walls Swirl's Coupon from

Chill Grill

Your Chill Grill is also like Your Swirl. Here, you get to choose any 2 flavours and 3 toppings for your ice-cream. And now, Kwality Wall Swirls will Chill Grill your ice-cream for you to give you a lovely added flavour! Its unique and different. So if you are looking for something more exciting, this is exactly what you should try out!


If you wish to stick to the conventional simple ice-creams, choose Scoops from Kwality Walls Swirls array of flavours or go for the Smoothies, Sundaes, Cornettos and more. Some tempting items in their menu include the Casatta Sundae, Honey Bunny, Banana Split, Fresh Fruit Salad with Ice-cream, Hot Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Excess and Strawberry Currant to name a few.

Kwality Walls Details

Kwality Walls Swirls, launched in India in 2004 and set in Kolkata, brings to you the exciting concept of making your own customized flavours of ice-creams. Ice-creams are loved by all, but to be able to create your own unique combinations makes it even better! Some of the flavours that you could find in their menu include the Sinful Sundaes, Smoothies, Fresh Fruit Swirl, Dry Fruit Swirl, Double Chocolate Thunderstorm, Black Forest Swirl, Alphonso Swirl, Disc Chocolate Swirl, Black Currant Raisin Swirl and more. Service is impeccable and the place just rocks!

Kwality Walls Corporate Address

CF-121, Opp. The Scoop Restaurant
Near Swimming Pool, Salt Lake, Kolkata
Kolkata, India 700091


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