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Four amazing offers on Dental Treatments from VCare32 Dental Clinic, Thippasandra, Bangalore.

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Varun's Care32 Dental Clinic in Thippasandra - Indiranagar Bangalore offers Customers four attractive offers:

1) Scaling, Polishing,Tooth Coloured Filling, Consultation & Xray worth Rs.1200 for Rs.150 only.

2) Teeth Whitening worth Rs.6500 for just Rs.3500.

3) Root canal treatment worth Rs.3000 for just Rs.1800.

4) Ceramic crowns worth Rs.4000 for just Rs.2000.

For appointments please call:080-40985105 or +91-9341991655

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Teeth Whitening

With age, by decay or a poor oral hygiene, your teeth often get discoloured and stained. Removing this and bringing shine back to your teeth is not simple. Expert advice and specialists are required to ensure an effective teeth whitening treatment. This is what VCare32 Dental Clinic offers you. They have a group of professional experts who know their job well. Equipment used is state-of-the-art. Most importantly, they are reliable and their treatments are always high quality.

Root Canals and Ceramic Crowns

If your tooth has decayed to a state of no-return, Root Canal is the sole solution available to you. And with the kind of impression that has emerged on them though hear-say, most of us fear to do the root canal. What you need is someone who understands and offers you a painless root canal treatment. VCare32 Dental Clinic focuses on a friendly and relaxed environment that is conducive to healthy treatments. After your root canal or if you have teeth with unusually large cavities, Ceramic Crowns or Caps are placed on them to keep them safe and strong. This is also part of the processes and services offered at VCare32.

Scaling, Polishing, Tooth Coloured Filling and others

Apart from the major treatments, VCare32 Dental Clinic also specializes in the more common forms of services like Scaling, Polishing, Fillings, Veneers and the kind. These are essentially done to keep your teeth healthy and strong. These processes ensure that your teeth are clean, smooth and free of bacteria.

VCare32 Dental Clinic Details

VCare32, a respected Dental Clinic in Bangalore, offers you a comprehensive range of dental services and treatments. A team of experienced and specialized professionals treat you not only using the most modern in technology but also gently and compassionately. Services offered at VCare32 Bangalore include Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dental Treatment, Smile Design, Root Canal Treatment, Dental Implants, Dental Jewellery, Child Dental Care, Full Immediate Dentures, Partial Dentures, Dental Implants, Tooth Extractions, Crowns & Bridges, Periodontal Treatment, Orthodontic Treatment, Scaling and Polishing, Tooth Coloured Restorations and Dental Veneers. The atmosphere maintained at VCare32 is pleasant and warm making it less scary and more comforting. So all of you who fear going to a dentist, this is one place you will actually enjoy visiting.

VCare32 Dental Clinic Corporate Address

No 949, Church Street, New Thippasandra P O
Bengaluru, India 560075

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