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Thyrocare Coupons - Vitamin D Test

Get a Vitamin D Deficiency Test done for just Rs.450 at Thyrocare.
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Thyrocare Coupons - Vitamin D Test - December 2017

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Get a Total Vitamin D test done for just Rs.450 (Home Collection).

25-OH VITAMIN D TOTAL is done in this Vitamin D test..
Vitamin D is present in two forms in human body - Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D2
In Total Vitamin D test, you will NOT get the split of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D2.

Price for Vitamin D ( 25-OH VITAMIN D TOTAL) test:
Actual Discounted Price: Rs.350
Sample Preparation Charges: Rs.100
Total: Rs.450
If any other test is clubbed with this, then only once sample preparation charges will be applied.

25-OH Vitamin D3 Test Level
If you want 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D3 alone, then Thyrocare has Vitamin D Profile. In this profile Total Vitamin D and the individual Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D2 levels are reported.
The price for the same is Rs.750 + Rs.100 Sample Preparation Charge.

How do I order a Vitamin D ( 25-OH VITAMIN D TOTAL) or Vitamin D3 test?

Step 1: C L I C K H E R E T O F I L L T H E F O R M.

*If Form is not opening, then email us to with the details - Test Name, Name of the Person(s), Age, Gender, Mobile Number, Email Address, Address and Pincode.

For help to fill the form please call +919550407878.
Note: No Need to pay the money at this stage

Step 2: An SMS / Mail will be sent to you to confirm your booking for the test.

Step 3: Thyrocare will call you for your convenient time and date for sample collection of Vitamin D.

Step 4: A technician will be sent to your home for Sample Collection. Pay the amount to the technician.

Step 5: Thyrocare will email the reports to you in 2 days and courier the reports in 4 days.

Vitamin D:
We need vitamin D for strong bones. Vitamin D allows the body to absorb calcium. Without it, the bones become brittle and weak. In adults, too little vitamin D can lead to malformed bones and osteoporosis. In children, vitamin D deficiency once caused many cases of rickets, a bone disease.

In a perfect world, we'd never have to worry about getting enough vitamin D. Our body produces it on its own. The trick is exposing some portion of our skin to direct sunlight for 15 to 30 minutes a day.

Lack of Vitamin D not just results in poor bone development but is now also suggested to play a role in asthma, cancers ( breast cancer, prostrate cancer and colon cancers), depression, heart disease, diabetes, even weight gain especially in post menopausal women.

The best way to start with is first to understand whether you are vitamin D deficient or not and then taking proactive steps.
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Why should one go for Vitamin D3 test?

Estimates suggest that over one third of the world’s population suffers from anemia,with India to be one of the countries with very high prevalence. It is seen that 70-80% in children , 70% in pregnant women and 24% in adult men in India have basic deficiency of minerals and vitamins which make them anemic. Deficiencies can be reversed and improved with the help of diet , exercise and holistic living. However the first step is to know whether you have the deficiency or not and this can be done by testing. Vitamin D3 test cost Rs.695.

Steps invlolved in getting a Vitamin D3 test done at Thyrocare

There are a few basic steps involved in getting your Vitamin D3 test done. Firstly, you need fill in the form by clicking on the link given above. The Thyrocare coordinator will get in touch with you to book a date for the test. Then their representative will come over and collect your blood & urine samples. The test fees need to be paid at that point. A soft copy of the report as well as a hard copy of the test results will be delivered to your home. You can now consult your doctor to check how well you are faring on all the important parameters.

Thyrocare Details

Thyrocare, a proven leader in the Indian Diagnostic Industry, was started in 1995 and based out of Mumbai. It has a network of more than 20,000 service centres around the country. With ISO 9001-2008 certification and accreditations by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and College of American Pathologists (CAP). It has established benchmarks in standards of quality through a unique blend of economy, speed, reach, efficiency, accuracy and technology and is all set to capture the global market. It was instrumental in making world class diagnostic services available in every nook and corner of the country. Most importantly, they render their services at costs that anyone and everyone can afford.

Thyrocare Corporate Address

D-37/1, MIDC, Turbhe, Opp Sandoz, Navi Mumbai
Mumbai, India 400703
Phone Number: 91-22-27622762


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