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Balanese massage + Tanaka Thai Mud Wrap + Face Deep Cleansing @ Rs.1199.
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Balanese massage + Tanaka Thai Mud Wrap + Face Deep Cleansing worth Rs.2250 at just Rs.1199 at MySpa.

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All kinds and procedures in facials be it steaming, exfoliation, extraction, massages or applying creams, lotions, facial masks and peels, MySpa has the most apt means of ensuring the best and the highest quality. They have a group of certified therapists who work on your facial skin to make it glow and shine. Visit them regularly for the smoothest and most flawless skin.


Massages are the most popular in Spa treatments these days owing to the new way of life and immense reservations involved. Each ailment or customer requirement demands different massage treatments. At MySpa, experts analyse the type of massage required and certified therapists set themselves to work. At the end of your session at MySpa, come out totally revived and fresh. They toil on not only your physical exterior but also your soul.


Apart from Facials and Massages, MySpa also offers a range of other beauty, hair and skin treatments. With experienced therapists and years of practical experience, MySpa promises only the best. Their Ayurveda Doctor ensures that all treatments offered are natural and correct. A number of herbal therapies are provided to help you strengthen yourselves in body and in soul.

MySpa Details

MySpa, a much-loved Unisex Spa and Wellness Centre in Pune, is the perfect place for you to surrender your fatigue and worries. They help rejuvenate your senses and pamper not only your body but also the mind. In a relaxing ambience with soothing d├ęcor, this centre offers holistic treatments and therapies using the best of products and performed by experienced and certified therapists. Their entire staff is well-trained and follow international standards and guidelines even in hygiene and quality of service. All treatments at MySpa are supervised by an Ayurveda Physician. MySPA is also a member of the international SPA association.

MySpa Corporate Address

My SPA to Heal 210, Rainbow Plaza
Pimple Saudagar, Pune
Pune, India 411027
Phone Number: 91-20-46780696

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