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50% OFF on Weight & Inch Loss Programme Offers from Dr.Poojas Health Rejuvenation Center, Mumbai.

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Dr. Pooja’s Clinic is a Health Rejuvenation Centre based in Mumbai. They offer a wide range of services including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Slim Care & Weight Loss, Skin Care, Sports Nutrition, Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Motivational Counselling.

50% Discount on Weight and Inch Loss Programme Offers from Dr.Poojas Health Rejuvenation Center, Andheri West, Mumbai

*Please find the below attachment for Weight Loss and Inch Loss packages.

Wight Loss through Bodyliner (Neuromuscular stimulation), Cellulite Deep Heat Therapy
Thermal Heat Wrap & Muscle Simulator

Call for Reservations, Validity of the Voucher & More Details: +91 9920294545, 022 33543679

Dr.Poojas Health Rejuvenation Center Address:
G1 - Ground Floor, Shreeji Co op Soc Ltd, J.P Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400058

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Treatments are widespread in today’s era considering rising concerns over Obesity and unhealthy food habits. This is a condition that directly or indirectly affects every aspect of your well-being. Along with good exercise and nutritious food, sometimes it becomes essential to undergo a rigorous regime to get back on track and stay fit. At Dr. Pooja’s Clinic, they have a team of specialists who understand your concerns and offer solutions that are customized and holistic. They monitor your progress consistently and keep you on your feet until your goal is achieved. Look better, feel better and live healthier lives with the weight loss program offered at Dr. Pooja’s!

Nature Cures

Natural Medicines like Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Naturopathy also form part of the treatments list at Dr. Pooja’s. Homeopathy is considered holistic, long-term and safe. Homeopathy medicines help you get rid of your ailment from the root, regain your health and stay fit. Acupuncture, on the other hand, is the process of stimulating certain sensitive points on your body using needles, heat or laser to treat illnesses. Digestive, Psychological, Gynaecological, Neurological, Paralysis-based, Respiratory, Vascular and many such other disorders are treated using Acupuncture. Naturopathy is another effective form of treatment that utilizes the healing power of nature to cure you.


Bodyliner, a popular offering at Dr. Pooja’s, is a form of treatment that helps Figure Trimming, Flattening of the Stomach, Reshaping the Butt, Trimming Thighs, Removing Sagging Accelerating Muscle Build-up, Strengthening the Abdomen and much more. Other interesting solutions offered here include Cellulite Deep Heat Therapy, Skin Care, Sports Nutrition, Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Motivational Counselling and Ultralipolysis which is a non-surgical treatment that melts away inches and improve skin textures. Please share Dr.Poojas Health Rejuvenation Center Coupon page on your social media profiles.

Dr.Poojas Health Rejuvenation Center Details

Dr. Pooja’s Clinic, a trusted Health Rejuvenation Centre in Mumbai, offers you solutions that facilitate a holistic and healthy lifestyle. Their treatments and therapies aid you not only in curing ailments but also preventing disorders that could be critical to your well-being. Well-equipped Pathology Labs, most modern Facilities, Specialised Counsellors, Paediatricians, Homeopathy Doctors, Nutritionists, Diet Consultants, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and more ensure that your treatments are specific, reliable, fruitful and least wearisome. Services offered here include Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Slim Care & Weight Loss, Skin Care, Sports Nutrition, Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Motivational Counselling.

Dr.Poojas Health Rejuvenation Center Corporate Address

G1 - Ground Floor, Shreeji Co op Soc Ltd,
J.P Road, Andheri West
Mumbai, India 400058

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