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Upto 25% OFF on all Car Wash Services at Home from Eco Steam Car Wash, Chennai.
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Automobiles & Accessories: Eco Steam Car Wash in Chennai Discount Offers

Eco Steam Car Wash is a Steam Car Wash Company based in Chennai. Eco Steam uses the method of vapour cleaning to ensure efficient utilization of water without compromising on the quality of wash.

Offer : Upto 25% Discount on all Car Wash and AMC Services at Home in Chennai.

Offer 1: 15% Discount on Steam Wash for all Cars.
Offer 2: 25% Discount on Steam Wash for more than 2 Cars.
Offer 3: 15% Discount on Rubbing & Polishing and Under Chase Protection.

Offers for Members of Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC):
Offer 1: Take the Annual Maintenance Contract and get the 1st Service Absolutely Free.
Offer 2: 25% Discount on Rubbing & Polishing and Underchase Protection, one Service per AMC.

*Note: This is a Door Step Service

Eco Steam Single Wash Tariff:
Hatch Back: Actual Price: Rs.1788; Discount Price: Rs.1555
Sedan: Actual Price: Rs.2133; Discount Price: Rs.1855
SUV: Actual Price: Rs.2478; Discount Price: Rs.2155

Eco Steam AMC Prices:
Hatch Back: Actual Price: Rs.19670; Discount Price: Rs.17,105
Sedan: Actual Price: Rs.23465; Discount Price: Rs.20,405
SUV: Actual Price: Rs.27260; Discount Price: Rs.23705

Note: Additional Charges of Rs.199 will be charged for above 10 KMs from Adyar

Call for Booking, Validity of the Voucher & More Details: +91-9100208280, +91-8008887500.

Procedure to avail the Eco Steam Car Wash Offers:
1) Click here to book Eco Steam Car Wash Offers
2) Fill up the form
3) We will send you a FREE Eco Steam Car Wash Coupon in less than 4 Business Hours.
4) Call Eco Steam Car Wash to book.

Interior Cleaning includes:
*Seat Stain Removal
*Seats and under the seat cleaning
*Mate Cleaning & Polishing
*AC Duct Steam cleaning
*Side Door Panel
*Dash Board Steam Cleaning & Polishing
*Interior Roof Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning includes:
*Exterior Steaming
*Exterior Body Stain Removal
*Engine Room Cleaning & Polishing
*Tyre Steaming & Polishing
*Exterior Liquid Wax coating

Engine Room Cleaning:
*Remove oil stains
*Engine Polish

Benefits of STEAM WASH
*Kills germs & mites in the ac ducts and under seat.
*Sanitizes & disinfects the interior.
*Kills bacteria that cause foul smell.
*Cleans contaminations & stains on seat fabric & mat.
*No more high pressure water sprayers.
*No more moisture in sensitive automotive electronics.
*No more harsh chemicals.
*No longer hour of scrubbing.
*No more scratches or watermark.

Eco Steam Car Wash uses 100% purified canned water for car. Steaming of your car helps to remove bacteria & germs inside and outside the car.
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Steam Car Wash Services

The Steam Cleaning apparatus that Eco Steam uses releases vapour which is a combination of pressurized air and water to clean the car without any wastage of resources. This steam or vapour effectively breaks the bond between the dirt and the car surface rendering the car as sparkling and fresh as brand new. Without scratches or patches, they offer a gloss finish to the car through a protective coating. This coating also makes the vehicle dirt resistant ensuring that the shine lasts much longer. With Steam Cleaning, water consumption is as low as 3 litres per car. Moreover, surroundings are not wet, water spots on the car’s surface are avoided, leaks into the car are minimal, contamination of the environment is nil, body’s lifespan is increased and much more. Time taken to clean the car is also lesser!. Please share Eco Steam Car Wash Discount Coupon page on your on your social media profiles

Eco Steam Car Wash Details

Eco Steam Car Wash, an environmental friendly Car Wash Company in Chennai, offers you a unique system by which vapour or steam, instead of water, is used to render your car spic-and-span. In an era where water is fast becoming a scarcity and a paid commodity, processes such as these ensure efficient utilization of water without any compromise on the quality of wash. At Eco Steam Car Wash, they have a team of experts who understand every car’s need and cater to it with utmost care and affection. They also take up on call services guaranteeing a 100% satisfaction rate. Trust your car with them and you will not be disappointed!

Eco Steam Car Wash Corporate Address

No: 2, Aparna Flats,Gopal Street,
Chennai, India 600017


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