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Computers come with a limited memory space and with the increasing quality of media items like HD Movies, Music, Digital Photographs, etc., which use a lot of memory space for storage, it has become important for students and professionals, designers and animators to keep an external hard disk handy. They are easy to access, portable and are available in various sizes like 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB upto 16TB. WD, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, Buffalo are some of the leading brands in the market. So, increase your capacity and store your heavy data easily by buying one through discounts on external hard drives. Buying Guides for External Hard Drives Click to know more - PCMag - How to Buy an External Hard Drive Click to know more - Digital Trends - Buying Guide for an External Hard Disk Click to know more - Wired.Com - Buying Guide: External Hard Drives