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First Health Diagnostics Coupons in Hyderabad

39% to 41% Discount on Health Checkup Packages at First Health Diagnostics, Attapur, Hyderabad.
First Health Diagnostics offers India

Diagnostic Labs: First Health Diagnostics in Hyderabad Discount Offers - January 2018

First Health Diagnostics is a trusted and modern Healthcare Diagnostic Centre based in Hyderabad. Their disciplines include Radiology & Imaging Services, Laboratory Services and a variety of Health Packages.

39% to 41% Discount on Health Checkup Packages at First Health Diagnostics, Attapur, Hyderabad.

Click here for Health Checkup Package Details and Important Points to be noted before Health Checkup.

Offer 1: Diabetic Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.2930
Discounted Price: Rs.1800

Offer 2: Women Health Checkup
Actual Price: 6240
Discounted Price: Rs.3750

Offer 3: Master Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.4370
Discounted Price: Rs.2600

Offer 4: Child Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.1860
Discounted Price: Rs.1100

Offer 5: Cardiac Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.5730
Discounted Price: Rs.3450

Offer 6: Executive Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.6550
Discounted Price: Rs.3950

Offer 7: Antenatal Profile
Actual Price: Rs.2800
Discounted Price: Rs.1700

Offer 8: Comprehensive Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.8680
Discounted Price: Rs.5200

Offer 9: Senior Citizen Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.5620
Discounted Price: Rs.3400

Offer 10: General Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.3260
Discounted Price: Rs.2000

Click here for Health Checkup Package Details and Important Points to be noted before Health Checkup.

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3) Call up the First Health Diagnostics Centre for an Appointment and announce the Coupon.
4) Present the coupon before taking the service.
5) Pay the Discounted Price at First Health Diagnostics Lab directly.
6) For any issue before taking the service, please call Support Number: +91-8008887500

First Health Diagnostics Address:
Rainbow Archies, Ground Floor, Pillar 180, Attapur, Hyderabad - 500048.

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Radiology & Imaging Services

The most modern Radiology and Imaging equipment are made available at First Health for you to enjoy the benefits of. Be it X-rays, Ultrasounds or any other, results are precise, clear and quick. Digital Radiography is their forte and the most stringent standards are followed in all their processes to ensure 100% accuracy. Imaging services provided here include Siemens CT-scan (multi slice), Siemens Digital high frequency X Ray, Siemens Color Doppler, Siemens 4D Ultrasound Scan, Siemens Digital Mammography and E.C.G, T.M.T and P.F.T. You can either go in for specific tests or opt for special deals and packages based on your need and condition. The technicians and health specialists will diagnose you, analyze the results, discuss it with your physician and recommend plans that best address the concerns.

Laboratory Services

The laboratory at First Health is state-of-the-art and accurate. Their CT Scan is considered the finest in the city today and so are many of their other tests. They have experts to collect samples and specimens. These are then meticulously labelled, packed and sent for diagnosis. They assist you through the entire process so that there are no hitches or concerns with respect to the legitimacy of results. For those who cannot travel to the centre for their tests could also have their samples collected from home effortlessly. Results would then be sent to them by post/ online or could be collected in person. Please share First Health Diagnostics discount coupon page on your social media profiles.

Health Packages

A complete array of regular Health Packages is offered at First Health so that you could stay away from diseases as much as possible. This includes the FH-Executive Health Checkup, the Antenatal Profile, Senior Citizen Health Checkup, General Women Health Checkup, Master Health Checkup, Diabetic Health Checkup, Cardiac Health Checkup, General Health Checkup, Child Health Checkup and Comprehensive/Whole Body Health Checkup. Depending on your age, bodily condition and need, you could choose from their list and fix your regular check-ups. This helps identify & address concerns at an early stage and thus keep you healthy, fit and fine.

First Health Diagnostics Details

First Health Diagnostics, a dedicated Healthcare Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad, offers you an extensive array of services that are superior in quality, 100% reliable, totally safe and excitingly affordable. Known to provide the best CT Scan in the city, their list of disciplines also includes Radiology & Imaging Services, Laboratory Services and a variety of Health Packages. Speed, Convenience and Precision form the pillars of their offerings. First Health Diagnostics showcases a team of highly qualified specialists and technicians along with a state-of-the-art facility. Home services are also part of their portfolio and samples are collected by qualified phlebotomists saving you the time and effort of going to the lab to get your tests done.

First Health Diagnostics Corporate Address

Rainbow Archies, Ground Floor, Pillar 180, Attapur
Hyderabad, India 500048

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