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Cardiac Health Checkup at Rs.1199 and Women's Advanced Screening at Rs.1699 at all Healthspring Cent
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Health-Diagnostics: HealthSpring Discount Offers

Healthspring - Family Health Experts is a pioneer in bringing world class Preventive Healthcare to India. Besides a comprehensive healthcare solution, you can avail services like Family Physician, Dietitian, Gynecologists, Pathology, 24x7 Emergency, Diabetes and Hypertension Management.

Offer: Cardiac Health Checkup at Rs.1199 and Women's Advanced Screening at Rs.1699 at all Healthspring Centres in Mumbai and Pune.

Health Checkup Package 1: Health Spring Cardiac Total Package - Rs.1199
Package Details:
Consultation with Doctor and Dietician, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Fasting Blood Sugar, Comprehensive Lipid Profile, Stress Test (Treadmill Test), Body Mass Index, Waist to Hip Ratio

Health Checkup Package 2: Health Spring Women's Advanced Screening - Rs.1699
Package Details:
Consultation, Fasting Sugar, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine, Haemoglobin, Thyroid Profile, Calcium, Iron Deficiency, Cancer Screening - PAP Smear, Occult Blood Stool Test, Session on self breast examination.

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Procedure to avail the Healthspring Health Checkup
1.Fill up the Healthspring Health Checkup Form
2. Healthspring team will get in touch with you for appointment.
3. Healthspring team will also tell you the mode of payment.

Call Healthspring Call Center for more details: +91 8652886529
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Expert Doctor Services

Healthspring offers you the best of physicians and specialists who are well-trained and experienced in their respective arenas. Be it gynaecologists, paediatricians or any other, they allocate the right specialist for your family. In fact, in areas such as Diabetes and Hypertension Management, they has a proven high record of success. They also have a network of external specialists and if you wish to consult them, you can make prior appointments online for the same. For the elderly or for those who cannot make frequent visits to the clinic, home care services are also offered. Depending on the need, a doctor, nurse or both personally visit patients and take care of them. What’s more, they have in-house diet, physiotherapy and yoga experts too to encourage you to focus on holistic wellness rather than just immediate cure. Please Share Healthspring Discount Coupon Page On Your Social Media Profiles.


Apart from health check-ups and support, Healthspring also partners with institutions such as MDI and SRL to give you error-free diagnostics and processing. They conduct all pathology collections at their clinics while processing is outsourced to the specialists. You can also request for the samples to be collected and tests to be done at your homes. Even Sundays are working days for them when it comes to collecting samples from you. So whenever you need, however you need it, just call Healthspring and get your appointment.

Emergency and Home Services

Emergency Services are the most sought-after at Healthspring. To avail this service, you need to first become a member at the centre. Once a member, every time you have a health concern that needs immediate attention, just call their toll free number on speed dial. Give your name and where you are. A doctor closest to you will be connected to you who will first perform the basic treatments necessary including medication and then coordinate to get you to the hospital immediately if needed.

HealthSpring Details

Healthspring, a renowned Family Healthcare Centre started in 2011 and with facilities in Mumbai and Pune, offers you a comprehensive range of healthcare services including check-ups, diagnostics and emergency care. Along with the finest in specialists and equipment, Healthspring also brings to you a well-designed welcoming space that is bright and well-ventilated. Furthermore, ensuring that all their services are offered under one roof, your visits to clinics is made as convenient and quick as possible. Today, with 20 clinics and over 200,000 customers, Healthspring epitomizes superior quality, ethics and holistic wellness.

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