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Health-Diagnostics: Hitech Diagnostic Centre in Chennai

15% OFF on Health Checkup Packages at Hitech Diagnostic Centre, Kilpauk & T Nagar, Chennai.
Hitech Diagnostic Centre offers India

Health-Diagnostics: Hitech Diagnostic Centre in Chennai Discount Offers - September 2016

Hitech Diagnostic Centre is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified and NABL Accredited world-class diagnostic laboratory with multiple branches across India. Hitech Lab is one of the most sought-after diagnostic centers in South India.

Health Checkup Packages from Hitech Diagnostic Centre, Chennai
* Offer available at Kilpauk & T Nagar branches.

Click to Book a Hitech Diagnostic Centre Health Checkup Package
For any queries please contact: +91 8008887500

Offer: 15% Discount on following Health Checkup Packages
Click here for: Hitech Diagnostics Complete Health Checkup Packages Details

Hitech Lab Health Checkup Packages - For All
1) Master Health Checkup: Rs.1750
2) Executive Checkup: Rs.4200

Hitech Lab Health Checkup Packages - For Women
1) Well Women Health Checkup: Rs.1750
2) Mammography Packages: From Rs.1200 to Rs.4200
3) Wellness of Women Health Checkup(30 – 50 years): Rs.2800
4) Wellness of Women Health Checkup(+50 years): Rs.3600

Health Checkup Package - For Child
Child Health Check: Rs.750

*Note : Mammography, Abdominal Scan , BMD are not available on Sundays.

Other Important Health Profiles
1) Hypertension Profile: Rs.600
2) Diabetic Monitor: Rs.700
3) Metabolic Profile: Rs.1000
4) Arthritis Profile: Rs.1200
5) Arthritis Profile with Anti CCP: Rs.1500
6) Geriatric Health Checkup: Rs.1900
7) Anemia Profile: Rs.1500
8) Fever Profile - Acute: Rs.1000
9) Fever Profile - Chronic: Rs.2500
10) Cardiac Risk Profile: Rs.2000
11) Osteoporosis Packages: From Rs.2500 to Rs.4500

* Please find the below attachments for more details about Hitech Lab packages.
For any queries please contact: +91 8008887500

Click to Book a Hitech Diagnostic Centre Health Checkup Package

Procedure to avail the Health Checkups at Hitech Diagnostic Centre:
1: Fill up the form.
2: You will receive a call within one business day regarding the appointment.
3: Go on the designated day to the Hitech Diagnostic Centre.
4: Please refer to Attachments 1 & 2 for the complete details of above packages.
5: Pay in Full the price at the Hitech Lab.
6: In case of any issues, please call UPto75.com Support at 8008887500.

Clich Here for: Hitech Diagnostics Complete Health Checkup Packages Details
Hitech Diagnostic Centre online shopping
Hitech Diagnostic Centre Health-Diagnostics sales

Health CheckUps

At Hitech Labs, you will find a wide range of health check-up options to choose from. Your kid can be taken for the Child Health Check-up that includes all the basic tests including Blood Group & Rh Type, CBC, Chest AP View, ESR, HBS Ag (Australia Antigen), Mantoux Test, Smear Study, Stool - Motion Analysis, TSH 3rd Generation (HS TSH) and a complete Urine Analysis. Geriatric Health Check-up for both diabetic and non-diabetic patients are also sought-after here. And then there are the Master Lab Check-up and the Well Women Check-up. The check-up that you must take depends on your health condition and concerns. You can consult their specialists and doctors to know what tests need to be done regularly to stay health and hearty at all times. Please share the Hitech Diagnostic Centre Health Checkup Packages on your social media profiles.


Profiles offered at Hitech Labs, apart from health check-ups, include Acute Hepatitis, Anaemia, Antenatal, Breast Cancer, Coagulation, Diabetic Monitor, Diabetic Profile – I, F & PP Glucose, Male & Female Fertility, Fever, Hair Loss, Hepatitis, HIV, Hypertension, Kidney Function, Liver Function, Lupus Anticoagulants, Metabolic, Renal, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid Function, Torch IGG Panel, Torch IGM Panel and Triple Screening. Each of these profiles are comprehensive, robust and precise indicators of your health. You can rely on Hitech Labs to offer you diagnoses that tell you exactly what needs to be done to stay fit and fine.

Hitech Diagnostic Centre Details

Hitech Diagnostic Center started in Chennai is a fully-equipped world class chain of laboratories started in 1968 in India, has an ISO 9001:2000 Certification from Norway and is also NABL accredited. With the best of facilities and the finest of diagnostic specialists, the lab performs tests for different kinds of diseases including Anaemia, Fever, Repeated Abortions, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Chest Pain, Abdominal Pain, Tuberculosis, Dengue, issues with Liver and Kidney, Breathing Diseases and Leptospira to name a few. Quality, innovation and constant upgradation play a vital role in making Hitech a leading lab in South India. Today Hitech Diagnostic Centre has several branches in Chennai and labs across major cities in South India.

Hitech Diagnostic Centre Corporate Address

No.13, Dr.Nair Road,
Chennai, India 600017

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HitechDiagnosticCentre

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