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Health-Dental: US Dental Centre in Ahmedabad

Up to 90% Discount on Dental Treatments at Us Dental Clinic in Paldi, Ahmedabad.
US Dental Centre offers India

Health-Dental: US Dental Centre in Ahmedabad Discount Offers - August 2017

US Dental is an advanced Dental Care Centre in Ahmedabad. Their services include Dental Implant Surgeries, Fixed Dentures, other General Procedures and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Up to 90% Discount on Dental Treatments at Us Dental Clinic in Paldi, Ahmedabad.

Offer 1: Consultation, Scaling, Polishing and 1 X-ray (if required).
Actual Price: Rs.1700
Discount Price: Rs.199

Offer 2: Child Dental Care - Full Mouth Dental Check up, Teeth Polishing, Fluoride Treatment, Guideline on Dental Care and Smile Assessment.
Actual Price : Rs.2000
Discount Price: Rs.199

Offer 3:Consultation, Scaling, Polishing, X-Ray (If required), 1 Silver Filling Amalgam (If required), Fluoride Application, Guide Line on Dental Care and Smile Assessment.
Actual Price: Rs.3500
Discount Price: Rs.299

Offer 4: Consultation, 1 RCT Treatment with Filling and X-ray (if required).
Actual Price: Rs.3500
Discount Price: Rs.999

Offer 5: Consultation, X-ray (if required) and Ceramic (PFM) Crown.
Actual Price: Rs.4700
Discount Price: Rs.1399

Offer 6: 50% Discount on Teeth Whitening

Offer 7: 20% Discount on Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Dental Implant

Note : Offer Valid – Ahmedabad.

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Call for Booking and Other Details: +91-8008887500

US Dental Clinic Address:
104, 1st floor, Shivalik-5, Mahalaxmi Cross Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad - 380007.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are fantastic alternatives to bridges and dentures when your teeth undergo irreversible decay and damage. These are permanent artificial roots that replace a lost tooth and in the process, also helps preserve adjacent teeth and supporting bones. Apart from the aesthetic appeal and ease to chew, Dental Implants are also long lasting and durable solutions to your teeth problems. What’s more, the process is cost-effective as well. At US Dental, they bring to you painless Implant procedures, FDA Approved Labs and world-class Services thus making your experience fantastic and beyond satisfactory.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a vast subject and addresses a number of functional and aesthetic oral concerns. Procedures include Teeth Whitening, Orthodontics and Aligners, Direct Bonding, Repairing Chipped Teeth, Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Fixed Bridges, Periodontal Plastic Surgery, Tooth Colored Fillings and Dentures among others. At US Dental, they showcase the newest of technology, the finest of Cosmetic Surgeons and trusted Procedures that enhance your smile, your look, your confidence and your comfort! Please share US Dental Clinic discount coupon page on your social media profiles.

General Dentistry

A comprehensive array of General Dentistry Procedures are offered at US Dental which addresses Toothaches, Bleeding, Swollen or Painful Gums, Misaligned Teeth, Bad Breath (Halitosis), Gum Diseases, Dental Cavities & Decayed Teeth, Oral Cancer & other Non-Cancerous conditions of the mouth and many more. Their range of Root Canal Treatments (RCT), Extractions including that of the Wisdom Teeth, Crowns, Bridges, Dental Braces, Dentures, Deep Cleaning & Gum Surgeries and Dental Fillings to name a few, are superior in quality and affordable to all. They have the best of equipment, dentists and facilities to make your treatment convenient, stress-free and painless.

US Dental Centre Details

US Dental, a leading Centre for Advanced Dentistry in Ahmedabad started as a joint venture with the Texas-based Stars & Stripes Dental, offers you world-class facilities and procedures along with a team of specialists who are trained from and certified in the US. Equipment used are all internationally approved. Infection Control Measures within their premises also follow global standards. Most importantly, services offered here are unmatched in quality and affordable too. Their menu of services consist of Dental Implant Surgeries, Fixed Dentures, other General Procedures as well as Cosmetic Dentistry including Teeth Whitening, Teeth Straightening and much more.

US Dental Centre Corporate Address

104, 1st floor,Shivalik-5, Mahalaxmi cross road,
Ahmedabad, India 380007


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