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Sports & Fitness: Your Fitness Club

5 Days Free Pass and 20% Discount on Further Enrollment at Your Fitness Club.
Your Fitness Club offers India

Sports & Fitness: Your Fitness Club Discount Offers - October 2017

Your Fitness Club (YFC) is a holistic fitness centre with outlets across India. YFC has qualified instructors, nutritionists and the latest equipment to ensure that your customized fitness program is effective and sustaining.

Offer: 5 Days Free Pass and 20% Discount on Further Enrollment at Your Fitness Club.

Offer Valid in Mumbai and Pune Outlets.

Your Fitness Club - Koregaon Park
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.2717
2: 3 Months: Rs.5434
3: 6 Months: Rs.7763
4: 12 Months: Rs.11500

Your Fitness Club - Mukund Nagar
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.2363
2: 3 Months: Rs.4725
3: 6 Months: Rs.6750
4: 12 Months: Rs.10000

Your Fitness Club - Mumbai Central
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.4725
2: 3 Months: Rs.9450
3: 6 Months: Rs.13500
4: 12 Months: Rs.20000

Your Fitness Club - Opera House
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.5906
2: 3 Months: Rs.11813
3: 6 Months: Rs.16875
4: 12 Months: Rs.25000

Your Fitness Club - Ratlam
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.2126
2: 3 Months: Rs.4253
3: 6 Months: Rs.6075
4: 12 Months: Rs.9000

Your Fitness Club - Saket
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.2363
2: 3 Months: Rs.4725
3: 6 Months: Rs.6750
4: 12 Months: Rs.10000

Your Fitness Club - Sion
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.2481
2: 3 Months: Rs.4961
3: 6 Months: Rs.7088
4: 12 Months: Rs.10500

>> Fitness Nutrition Consultancy:
1: 3 Months: Rs.3510
2: 6 Months: Rs.5400
3: 12 Months: Rs.8000

>> Fat Loss (Gym Membership + 3 Nutrition Sessions per Month)
1: 3 Months: Rs.8471
2: 6 Months: Rs.12488
3: 12 Months: Rs.18500

Your Fitness Club - Tardeo
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.2953
2: 3 Months: Rs.5906
3: 6 Months: Rs.8438
4: 12 Months: Rs.12500

Your Fitness Club - Ashok Nagar
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.2244
2: 3 Months: Rs.4489
3: 6 Months: Rs.6413
4: 12 Months: Rs.9500

Your Fitness Club - Ujjain
>> Gym Floor Membership:
1: 1 Month: Rs.2008
2: 3 Months: Rs.4016
3: 6 Months: Rs.5738
4: 12 Months: Rs.8500

1: Above Rates are Exclusive of Taxes and Personal Trainer.
2: This Offer only for New Customers.

Timings: 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Procedure to avail the Your Fitness Club Offers:
1) Download the Your Fitness Club Coupon to your Email. Please check the Junk Folder too.
Note: Coupons are Free always. No need to buy.
2: The email coupon will have the address of the Your Fitness Club Center plus phone numbers.
3: Call up the respective Your Fitness Club Branch for an Appointment and announce the Coupon.
4) Present the coupon before taking the service.
5: Pay the Discounted Price at the Your Fitness Club directly.
6) For any issue before taking the service, please call Support Number: +91-8008887500

Please click on the City in the below Addresses link to get Your Fitness Club address and contact details in your area.

How to download Your Fitness Club coupons on

1. To get the Coupons, Click on View / Email / SMS Coupon Buttons next to the banner. The coupon code will be sent to your email address or mobile.
2. Before you visit the merchant, please check with merchant regarding any queries you may have regarding the offer.
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5. This Offer is exclusive to Users.

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Fitness at YFC includes everything from maintaining a healthy body and weight to building and maintaining healthy bone density, muscle strength and joint mobility. It also promotes well-being of the mind and strengthening of the immune system. Rightly so, they showcase the best of Strength Training, MMA, Parkour, Olympic Lifting, Kick Boxing, Running Tracks, Ballistic Kettlebell and more facilities for you to opt for.


Nutrition is another important factor, apart from fitness, that keeps you healthy, fit and fine. YFC focuses a lot on Sports Nutrition and offers the same under the brand name Live Fit. It involves diet planning based on your body's requirement as well as the intensity of your workouts. Even your lifestyle and environment are take into consideration to arrive at a diet plan that perfectly complements your fitness pattern. They also offer Weekly Nutrition Counselling to ensure that you follow their rules strictly and effectively.

Yoga and more

Apart from the Gym, Martial Arts, Zumba and Yoga are a few other fitness techniques that YFC offers to help you maintain a healthy body and frame of mind. These are holistic forms of exercises that connect your soul and your body to give you not only health but also peace and calm. Have fun while taking care of your fitness needs.

Your Fitness Club Details

Your Fitness Club (YFC), a well-maintained and popular fitness centre started in 2009 in Mumbai, offers you holistic programs that address your bodily fitness, mind and nutrition. Your Fitness Club facilities are simple and focus on providing you with the best of technology sans unwanted frills to ensure that it is affordable to all. Along with the finest of equipment, qualified trained instructors and customized programs, YFC also creates an environment that is cosy, friendly and warm. So being in YFC is always something you look forward to.

Your Fitness Club Corporate Address

Shop No;- 265/267, Near Central plaza,
Rajaram Mohan Roy Road, Opera House, Charni Road,
Mumbai, India 400004


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