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Offer valid from Monday to Thursday only


Arabian cuisine, Persian Cusine, Navayathi Cuisine.

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The Arabian Delicacies start with the soups and starters and move on effortlessly to a host of main course dishes. With soups like the Vegetable Soup, Adas Shorba and Koykar Soup and starters including Tabouleh, Fattoush, Hummus, Mutabbal and Shish Khudar to name a few, one might think then main course is a far away dream. But they only pave way for the authentic and interesting Arabian main dishes like Dajaj Kabsa, Laham Kabsa, Dajaj Machboos, Kabsa Aroz and more. You also find some nice-sounding gravies to augment your appetite.


Persian Menu is full course with a soup and starter to begin with, the main course, gravies and accompaniments in the middle and the desserts to complete your dining experience. The Persian Joo soup is their speciality with it, you could try out their salads, starters and kababs of various kinds. While the Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh and Zafran Rice are specials, they also have a number of Indian rotis that can go with the Persian gravies. Make sure you try out their Shaufa Pana Pudding, Umm -E Ali and Kunafa among desserts. You will also find some interesting short eats and beverages if you are looking for more!


Bhatkali Cuisine is a reflection of the tradition of our country and Alibaba offers you an authentic feel of that history with its cuisines. They consist of salads, starters, main course dishes and gravies. Salads include names like Tousha Launchay, Kochember, Kadang Fry, Bhendi Masala and Burhani. Salads are followed by starters which include Sukke Mhaure, Kukdi Maas Fry, Shewso Fry and more. The main course is wholesome and displays some very exciting cuisines like Macaroni, Talla Shayyo, Gawa Shayyo and the Biryanis.

About Company

Alibaba Cafe and Restaurant, situated in Frazer Town Bangalore, serves you a palate of authentic Arabian, Persian and Navayathi cuisines. The cafe and its cuisines come with a beautiful history of the Navayath Community in the Konkan Coast making the place more interesting. You have to take a few flights up a staircase to find this unassuming yet wonderful place with dark wood, red walls, lovely lamps and comfortable furniture greeting you from within. The ambience, service and food, everything about this place is great! The biryanis are specially famous in all the 3 types of cuisines and must-try at the Alibaba Cafe and Restaurant.

Corporate Address

No 69, 1st floor, M M Road, Frazer Town
Bengaluru, India 560005

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