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Decorate your walls with National Geographic Collection at Artjini.com and get 30% Discount.
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Hotels, Corporates and Homeowners decorate your walls with National Geographic Collection at Artjini.com and get 30% Discount.

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National Geographic Image Collection owns one of the most comprehensive & unique collections of photographs and original artwork in the world. They have the ability to make people gasp, frown, smile, weep. They make people think. Above all, they make people react.

Bring life to your Living Spaces with these images. You can choose to order these images on paper or canvas. Artjini uses the finest printing technologies to ensure brilliant prints that are long lasting. They have their own framing workshop where experienced and skilled framers stretch/frame your product.

Artjini also offers over 500,000 artworks on any theme - abstract, motivational, landscape, floral, movies etc, anything that you can think of. Do contact Artjini for help.

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National Geographic Products

Artjini is the authorised and sole licensee for National Geographic Images in India. National Geography has, for you, a lovely and exquisite collection of photographs and original artwork that let your senses come truly alive. They are realistic with brilliant print quality and definitely the ideal adornment for your room. You have the choice of selecting your favourite image from their collection, clearly categorized to help you. Once you select your image, you can opt for the material, be it canvas or paper.

Artjini Details

Artjini, the first and largest online art store in India, offers you an entire range of fantastic Tapestries, Prints, Hand Painted Items, Framed Art, Digital Murals, Art Prints and much more. You will find a collection of over 500,000 of the best and closest to the original art reproductions. All art products are categorized under various topics for you to choose easily. Each of them is a masterpiece in itself and will reflect an out-of-the-world allure, yet come at completely affordable rates. These exquisite works of art can brighten up your living space and accentuate its charm.

Artjini Corporate Address

Artjini Pvt Ltd 7005, Emerald House
1-7-264, S.D. Road
Hyderabad, India 500003

Website: http://www.artjini.com/

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