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Beam Telecom Coupons in Hyderabad

FREE installation on Half-Yearly and Yearly Memberships.
Beam Telecom offers India

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Beam Tele has announced FREE installation on Half-Yearly and Yearly Memberships.

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To get the internet connection now, please call 040-661274 44

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Beam Telecom offers
Beam Telecom Internet Services sales India

Home Packages

Home User Internet Packages help you connect with your family and friends easier and faster. Surf the net, check your emails, send messages, chat, listen to music, download movies, play games, download project files, have personal and official conference calls, stay connected and do everything and anything with Beam telecoms home internet packages. You can choose between the unlimited packages and data limit packages. Based on the extent of your daily usage, you can select the scheme that best suits you from the various options provided.

Office Packages

All office functions including talking to your client, conferencing with your counterparts across the country, sending daily reports, performance tracking and more can now be done quicker and more conveniently with Beam telecoms Office Internet packages. It saves the company a lot of time and money. They have various half yearly and annual packages that you can choose from. The speed and download limits would be defined by the package you select.

Beam Telecom Details

Beam Telecom, started in 2004, is a renowned connectivity and communication solutions provider in Hyderabad. Initially known as Beam Cable System Pvt Ltd, it is now Beam Telecom Pvt Ltd. They are one of the 1st ISPs that offered a varied range of internet services to the digital enthusiasts in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. They have both Home and Office Packages to suit your specific needs. They offer the highest in quality and value to its subscribers. They bring out exciting packages time and again to interest you. Customer support is also par excellence. If you take a membership in Beam telecom, you also stand to benefit from offers of local restaurants, fitness centers..etc.

Beam Telecom Corporate Address

8-2-610/A, Road No - 10,Banjara Hills
Hyderabad, India 500034
Phone Number: 91-40-66272727

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