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Bootleggers Coupons in Mumbai

Get 50% off on All Liquor between 6-9PM on Weekends and 3-9PM on Weekdays at Bootleggers.

Save at Bootleggers in Mumbai with UPto75 Coupons.

Get 50% off on All Liquor between 6-9PM on Weekends and 3-9PM on Weekdays at Bootleggers.

Weekends: Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

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Bootleggers offers
Bootleggers Restaurants sales India


Decor of the 20's and 30's welcome us as we enter the bar at Bootleggers. Entertainment here is offered in 2 levels. Both the levels have fully loaded bars and huge plasma TVs to entertain the customer. Yet the first floor holds the stage and dance floor with an outdoor patio, seats and a live DJ. The second floor is where all the games are! Whether its pool tables, darts, or video games, make the most of them while enjoying the dance and music looking down through the open space. You find a great beer selection and exciting drink specials to quench your thirst!

Bar Specials

Apart from the daily specials you are offered at Bootleggers, you also get weekly specials. Thursdays are 'Ladies Nights' when women get free drinks and benefits. Fridays are Bar and Grill days. Saturdays are 'Bail Out' days where you are offered economic stimulus packages and so on! So choose your best day and enjoy a hassle-free stint of fun and frolics at Bootleggers! Don't forget to download the Bootleggers Coupon at UPto75.com

Bootleggers Details

An old town bar from the early 1900s where western cowboys and villans would enjoy a great shoot-out - That is what Bootleggers is at first glance! Rusted walls, prohibition-themed, wall posters of gangsters and scattered barrels, you feel you have gone back in time to The good, the bad and the ugly days. But once the music starts, its all rock and roll! A refreshing blend of classic rock to jazz, hip-hop and pop, Bootleggers is the ultimate energizer! Dance away to glory and if you are looking for entertainment, you have loads of them. Not to forget the big screen to watch your favorite sports on! Great choices of drinks and good food to accompany, there isnt much to complain about! Just make sure you are aware of the dress code!

Bootleggers Corporate Address

Pipewala Building, 4th Pasta Lane,
Opp. Navy Children High School,Colaba
Mumbai, India 400032

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