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Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved Coupons in Mumbai

10% to 20% Discount on Therapies at Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved, Mumbai.
Offer End Date Dec 31, 2019

Save at Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved in Mumbai with UPto75 Coupons.

>> Offers from Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved, Chakala, Mumbai.

Offer 1: 10% Discount on Beauty Therapies

Offer 2: 15% Discount on Rejuvenation Therapies

Offer 3: 20% Discount on Panchakarma Treatments and a FREE consultation with their Ayurvedic Physician for Panchakarma Treatments.

Timings: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved Address:
(A Unit Of Rejuv Healthcare Services Pvt.Ltd), Shubham Centre, B Wing, Gr.Floor, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400099
Land Mark: Next to P & G Plaza


Dhanwantri Services

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Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved offers
Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved coupons


Panchakarma is a very crucial therapy under Ayurveda. It is used to treat ailments like Paralysis, Arthritis(Osteo/ Rheumatoid)/ Frozen Shoulder/ Aches and Pains, Slip Disc, Sciatica, Spondilitis. Psoriasis/ Leucoderma/ Eczema/ Acne/ Hyper pigmentation & other skin diseases, Hypertension( high blood pressure), Insomnia/ Mental tension/ Depression, Obesity, Hair loss/ dandruff/ greying. Sinusitis/ Migraine and various others. Elakizhi, Podikizhi, Navarakizhi, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Kativasti, Nasyam, Vasti and many others are forms of Panchkarma treatments that are highly effective in fighting various dangerous diseases.

Rejuvenation Therapies

In todays stressful world, it is necessary to break away and resort to some good rejuvenating therapies. At Dhanwantri, they offer you a host of rejuvenation therapies including Abhyangam that brings you sound sleep and packages like Stress Reduction, Royal Sandal Rejuvenation and Ayur Tranquil Retreat which include Abhyangam along with Shirodhara, Scrub, Facial, Sarvanga Taila Dhara and more. These therapies are soothing and bring peace unto you. It revitalizes your body and mind and gives you a freshness like never before!

Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved Details

Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved, started in 1999 as part of Rejuv Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd, is based in Mumbai and renowned for its authentic natural therapies and treatments. Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved has a huge facility and offers all kinds of ayurvedic treatments and spa therapies. A number of bodily concerns like shoulder pain, backache, insomnia, skin disorder, sinusitis, psoriasis, allergies, arthritis and more are treated and eradicated with ease through their therapies. The medicines and oils utilized at Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved are brewed by Astavaidya, a family renowned for their mastery of the 8 branches of Ayurveda. Individuals, corporates, hotels and more can avail cost effective rejuvenating services of Dhanwantri Ayurved through their special customized programs. And this season, you can also enjoy some interesting offers and discounts!

Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved Corporate Address

Shubham Centre, B Wing, Gr.Floor, Chakala,
Andheri East,
Mumbai, India 400099

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