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What exactly do you offer?
We tie up with the merchants - local offline stores and online stores, for information about their sales, offers, discounts, deals, promotions or stock clearances on UPto75.com. We also provide information on Seasonal Sales of Top Brands. These are provided only for informational purpose and do not carry any extra discount for UPto75.com Customers. Plus, we also post offers of Top Banks Credit / Debit Cards offer.

Does UPto75.com sell products or services?
UPto75.com only brings to you the information on various discount sale offers from popular merchants. UPto75.com does not sell any product or services. You need to visit the store to make the purchase or the online site of the merchant.

Are your Coupons really Free?
Yes. All our coupons are entirely Free. You are Free to download coupons of all our merchants.

How does one download Coupons?
Three options are provided to most of our exclusive offers - Flogin, Email or SMS. However, based on the merchant's requirements 1 or more options are provided. Non-Exclusive Offers such as Seasonal Sales do not carry coupon download option as these are provided to you only for information.

What do you mean by Exclusive Offer?
An offer that is given by merchant exclusively to UPto75 customers. These offers are not available to a walk-in to a restaurant, hotel or an offline-store.

Can I use the coupon more than once?
Some of the coupons can be used multiple times. When it can be used we mention the same.

I have not received my SMS Coupon. Why?
Most likely, your mobile number maybe in DND.

I have not received my Email Coupon. Why?
Most likely the email might have gone to your bulk / spam folder. Or sometimes the mail client is rejecting the message. Use an alternate email to download the coupon. Even then you are experiencing the problems, email us at support [at the rate of] upto75 [dot] com

What are the advantages of Flogin or Registering on UPto75.com?
You can download coupons easily with either of them. Once you login, you can download coupons of several merchants easily. You will not have the issues of SMS or Email not getting delivered.

Coupon downloaded from UPto75.com is not working on the merchant online site
Below are possible reasons:
- Coupon might have expired.
- Coupon might have a few attached T&Cs
- Merchant have withdrawn the coupon.
In either case, please send an email to our support team. We might be able to help you.

How do I find deals available in my city?
Simple. Go to home page. In the Search Bar, Select City and then Select category you are interested in.

How many cities are covered?
Currently we are servicing 10 Cities. For the latest list check out the cities in the footer of home page.

Where does UPto75.com get its information?
Exclusive offers are provided to us directly by the merchant. Non-Exclusive Offers are sourced from third party sources.

How do you make money?
We make money through advertisements and listings on our site.

Where we are?
We are in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Why do I need to sign up? Can I still use you if I don't have an account?
You don't need to sign up to use the site. However, if you sign up and opt for deal alerts, we will send you deal alerts that are of interest to you. That way, you never miss a sale opportunity. If you sign up, it is easy to download many coupons at a t time easily. Plus, as a registered member, you can post testimonials and refer a friend.

How do I become a member?
You can sign up at the home page by clicking on the login link.

Is this really free?
Yes. It's free. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.
If I sign up, will I get e-mails and advertisements?
You will receive one email a week showcasing interesting deals or interesting information of our partners.

How do I update my account information?
You just need to login and update your profile.

What are deal alerts?
Deal alerts are information tidbits about discount sale offers in your neighborhood, nation-wide or online.

Does that mean I will get emails from UPto75.com everyday?
Deal Alerts are sent not more than once a week. UPto75 provides you with an option to opt-out from receiving mails.


Customer Service

To whom do I have to complain if I am misled by the sale offer of the Merchant?
Upto75.com is a site where retailer sales offer information is posted and available. We cannot either authenticate or vouch for the sale offer details or endorse their service. You need to take up the matter with the Merchant directly.

How do I contact UPto75.com for any questions or suggestions?
Email us at support[at the rate of symbol]upto75[dot]com with any questions or suggestions.

Can I post a testimonial?
We would love if you can do that. Just sign up and post one by clicking on the testimonial link.