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FitnessOne is the country's fastest growing chain of fitness studios. At FitnessOne our only business is fitness. Every aspect of fitness. Every day, each of us work towards getting people to recognize the importance of fitness. At FitnessOne we show them how to adopt fitness regimens that will dramatically improve the quality of their lives. We go about this professionally, leveraging and adapting global best practices, and staying current in our programmes.

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TRIM scientific weight loss plans from FitnessOne are structured in a unique, holistic manner. Through distinct stages of nutritional screening, fitness evaluation, exercise, and continuous monitoring, we will help you lose weight the right way. FitnessOne's expert counselors set targets focused on fat loss, as well as flexibility, strength and stamina.


Think Health. Think Pink India's largest & most comprehensive all-women fitness studio chain.Your first step towards fitness is to visit India's largest and most comprehensive all-women fitness studio chain. Visit the internationally styled Pink studio to begin a rewarding journey towards healthy living.

Corporate Wellness

Research shows that a fit corporate workforce improves productivity, reduces errors, increases retention, reduces absenteeism, and fights rising healthcare costs. Which is why an increasing number of companies across the world, are committing time and resources to initiating a fitness culture, at the work place.

FitnessOne Details

A brand most popular in the south, Fitness One is the name people remember as they first wake up and get ready for an early warm up! Unique, contemporary and classic are attributes that make Fitness One the most sought after! Fitness One addresses the most essential audiences in fitness, Women, Corporates and Prospective buyers of equipment (Propel fitness equipment). Fitness One also focuses on the "Fitness Outsourcing Drive" and has already set up a number of fitness centres on various corporate campuses.

FitnessOne Corporate Address

31A, Mandapam Road, Kilpauk Garden Road
Chennai, India 600010
Phone Number: 91-1800-4258000

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