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Fitness One Offer: Upto 37% OFF on 6 Months & 12 Months Membership

Save at FitnessOne with UPto75 Coupons.

Fitness One is a Gym cum Retailer of Fitness Equipment and highly popular in the South of India. It offers fitness packages and products for men, women, corporates and more.

Offer from Fitness One: Upto 37% OFF on 6 Months & 12 Months Membership

Fitness One has outlets in Chennai & Bengaluru. Click on the cities Chennai and Bengaluru links above the banner to get the outlet addresses and phone numbers.

Download the coupon and please call them up to get more details before you make a visit.

Toll Free Number of FitnessOne Call Center: 18004258000.

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Shoulder Press Machine

The Shoulder Press Machines available at Fitness One are built using the most modern techniques and offers adjustable positioning of both the seat as well as it's grips. One of the most commonly used fitness equipments, the Shoulder Press helps you strengthen not only your shoulders and arms but also your chest and the whole of your upper body! To get your Shoulder Press Machine at affordable prices, rush to Fitness One NOW !!

Lateral Pull Down Machine

The Lateral Pull Down Machines are one of the most ideal fitness equipments for a home gym. The Lateral Pull Down Machines at Fitness One offers comfortable thigh pads for support and straight bars with angled ends that ensure proper arm and wrist position while working out. It is not only efficient but also extremely reasonable and cost effective. Don't forget to download Fitness One Coupon from UPto75.com

Arm Curl Machine

The Arm Curl Machine is ideal for a quick workout to strengthen your arm muscles and biceps. The weight you raise could be increased or decreased as per your capability and convenience. With time, homemakers are largely shifting to Arm Curl Machines over other legacy home fitness equipment. Head to Fitness One to buy this machine.

FitnessOne Details

A brand most popular in the south, Fitness One is the name people remember as they first wake up and get ready for an early warm up! Unique, contemporary and classic are attributes that make Fitness One the most sought after! Fitness One addresses the most essential audiences in fitness, Women, Corporates and Prospective buyers of equipment (Propel fitness equipment). Fitness One also focuses on the "Fitness Outsourcing Drive" and has already set up a number of fitness centres on various corporate campuses.

FitnessOne Corporate Address

31A, Mandapam Road, Kilpauk Garden Road
Chennai, India 600010
Phone Number: 91-1800-4258000

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