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G9 Pest Control Services Coupons in Mumbai

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G9 Pest Control provide Pest Control Services for Cockroaches, Lizards, Ants, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Rodents and Termites. G9 Pest Control has their office in Borivali East in Mumbai.

Get 20% discount on any service at G9 Pest Control Services.

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Termites Treatment

There are more than 1800 varieties of termites or white ants. They are probably one of the oldest insects still active. We, at G9, offer both Pre and Post Construction Treatments for eliminating termites. The most ideal method is indeed prevention. Some effective methods of handling these termites include Fumigation, use of insecticides directly in the infected areas and application of non-toxic treatments like heat treatment, freezing, electric and more. You can also avail preventive consulting from G9 to understand the most effective materials and methods to be employed while building structures to avoid termite invasion.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito are carriers of a number of dangerous viruses. Hence it is not only a nuisance but also a threat to public health. It is essential to start off by keeping the surrounding environment clean and tidy to avoid breeding of mosquitoes in huge quantities. At the same time, it is also necessary to employ other preventive and conventional methods of killing these insects. Some of them include larviciding, adulticiding and some popular non-toxic solutions. The non-toxic methods can also be used in Conservation Areas. At G9, the situation is first studied, the need is analyzed and the impact is measured before a treatment is meted out.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches, like mosquitoes also carry disease generating germs and viruses. So controlling them is mandatory for a healthy wellbeing. G9 employs the Gel herbal Treatment for eliminating cockroaches. This gel is applied beneath slabs, cracks, splits etc. where the cockroaches hide. This gel attracts them as food and then kills them. The best part about this is that you do not need to move your belongings to have the treatment done. The gel is non-toxic and safe. It is mostly effective in households as cockroaches are destroyed easily, effectively and without too much of trouble. People from Mumbai don't forget to download the G9 Pest Control Coupon.

G9 Pest Control Services Details

G9 Pest Control Services, Mumbai, is a leading Pest Control Services Company offering all kinds of Residential and Commercial Pest Control Solutions. They offer solutions to terminate Cockroaches, Spiders, Lizards, Bedbugs, Termites, Wood Borers, Rodents, Mosquitoes and more. G9 Pest Control treatments are effective, long term and competitive.

G9 Pest Control Services Corporate Address

B 8/22, Shop No 1, MHB Colony, Dutta Pada Road,
RajendraNagar,Opposite RajendraNagar Police Chowki
Mumbai, India 400066

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