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Golfway India Coupons in Pune

Save up to 50% at Golfway Centers in Pune and Rajkot

Save at Golfway India in Pune with UPto75 Coupons.

1) Flat 25% discount on Glow in the Dark 18/ 9 Challenging Hole Indoor Golf Game & Arcade Games at Golfway India.

Glow in the Dark 18 Challenging hole Indoor Golf Game = Rs.190/- Pune
Glow in the Dark 9 Challenging hole Indoor Golf Game = Rs.70/- Rajkot
Arcade & Video Games = Rs.25/- per Game – Pune & Rajkot

2) Flat 10% Discount on all the food purchases at Golfway India.

Not valid on Beverages.

3) Flat 50% off on DJ & Dance Floor at Golfway India.

DJ, Dance Floor = Rs.25/- per 15 Minutes – Pune & Rajkot

Contact Details:
Ramwadi: 91-20-65005471
Rajkot: 91-9909981060/ 9909981061 (This offer is valid from Monday to Saturday, can't be honoured on Sunday and Public Holidays at Rajkot)

This offer is exclusive for UPto75.com customers. Please produce the discount coupon to avail the offer.

Terms and Conditions

1) Customer has to provide UPto75.com code or coupon of Golfways to avail this offer.
2) One coupon can be used for an individual or a group of Persons but valid for one Visit only.
3) This offer cannot be mixed with any other offers on the floor.
4) Above mentioned rates are at the discretion of Golfway management. If there is any change in the card price; Golfway staff on counter notify the customer about the same.
5) This offer is valid on any day, service time may vary depending on the Bookings and customers enjoying various activities in particular time. Visit against Prior appointment will be highly appreciated.

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1. To get the Coupons, Click for Free Coupons Button below the banner. The coupon code will be sent to your email or mobile. This Offer is exclusive to UPto75.com Users.
2. Before you visit Golfway India, please check with Golfway India, if you have any questions regarding the offer.
3. In case of coupon not being honored, contact UPto75.com Support.
4. Once you are at Golfway India, present the coupon before the order is placed.

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Golfway India coupons

Indoor Golf - Putting Edge Fun Centre

GolfWay is a Glow-in-the-dark miniature golf facility and gives you a fantastic ambience to play your game and have fun at the same time! It has 18 holes and gives you various obstacles and landscapes to surpass and challenge the ball. It’s definitely much more interesting than video games and virtual sports. The physical experience of it is what makes it special. You don’t have to spend loads of money to go to a golf course and play the real game now. Just visit GolfWay and you are guaranteed all the practice and fun to add on!

Party Rentals

It does not matter whether you are a child, a parent or an executive. GolfWay has room for fun irrespective of age, disposition or background. If your child needs to celebrate a unique and magical birthday party with his/ her friends, what could be a better option than the glowing GolfWay Party? If you wish to organize some super cool events for your friends and family, what could be more fun than the glowing golf party where weather is no concern? Great ambience and great music; all you need to do is get your friends and get them to wear white so that you glow in the colourful party floor. And on a more serious note, why don’t you organize your corporate team building activities here? Fun and entertainment coupled with the perfect setting to unwind and get to know each other beyond the office and its premises! Don't forget to Download Golfway Coupon from UPto75.com

Online Games

If you do not have the time to visit GolfWay but is yearning to play a game of golf, why don’t you get online and check out their interesting golf games available online? It has a number of levels and challenges along with instructions for each. The online games are perfect replications of the live ambience and give you a sense of being right there at GolfWay enjoying the game.

Golfway India Details

GolfWay, an indoor golf course started as a joint venture with Putting-Edge from Canada, offers you the traditional miniature golf facility for corporates, children and families to enjoy. It is a beautiful glow-in-the-dark set with mock obstacles and props to give the game originality and more fun. It has the ambience of a fantasyland of entertainment and colours. With 18 challenging holes to target and great entertainment, it appeals to all age groups alike. They also hold and organize corporate events, be it field trips, fundraising, celebrations and more for you and your organization.

Golfway India Corporate Address

Pune, India 411014

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