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A flat 50% off on all Slimmimg, Beauty and Laser Treatments
Impressions offers India

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They have come up with a special offer for you. Get a flat 50% off on all Slimming, Beauty and Laser Treatments.
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Impressions offers
Impressions Health & Beauty sales India
Impressions coupons

Weight Management

With increase in restaurants and eat outs, more and more people are facing the problem of obesity today. Weight Management is not just about looking good. Obesity severely impacts the overall health of an individual. Effects like Metabolic disorders, hypertension, difficulty in conceiving, osteoarthritis and life-threatening chronic illnesses including coronary heart disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancer are common in obesity. Impressions offers you various programs that help you manage your weight effectively. There are tailor-made sessions that help you understand where you stand and what you need to do. The programs are holistic in approach and focus on complete wellness. The treatments and their implementation are undertaken by a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals.

Beauty Treatments - Laser Treatments

Beauty treatment at Impressions includes painless laser treatments like Acne Scars Removal, Acne Pits Removal, Stretch Marks Removal, Accidental Scars Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Surgical Scars Removal and Melasma Removal, to name a few. At Impressions, all treatments are associated with the best known brands whether in cosmetics or medication. All necessary treatments required are administered innovatively and a form of holistic solution is sought. There are personalized programs as well as a combination of various treatments provided at Impressions as per client requirement. They also have consultants who can help you if you have any concerns or queries.

Skin and Hair Care

Impressions offers a whole range of beauty and rejuvenation treatments, especially for the body, skin and hair. Relaxing Services include Body massage, Aroma Head massage, FIR Sauna and Stress Relief. Maintenance Services offered include International Waxing, Threading, Bleaching, and more. Hair Services are Hair Cutting, Hair styling, Hair coloring, Hair curling/perming, straightening and conditioning. They also have Manicure, Pedicure, Facials like Fresh Fruit, Organic Facial, Tan-Removal, Skin Polishing and much more. Their Skin and Skin Care Treatments are many including Anti-Ageing Treatment, Anti - Pigmentation Treatment, Tan Removal Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, Anti-Acne Treatment, Open Pore refining and Oil control Treatment , Face Lifting & Face Firming Treatment and Breast Lifting & Breast Firming Treatment. In hair care, you get Anti-Hair Fall Treatment, Anti-Dandruff Treatment, Hair Strengthening Treatment, Hair Spa Treatment and Deep Conditioning.

Impressions Details

Impressions, a chain of beauty and slimming clinics offers you a range of custom services in slimming, beauty, health and wellness. Weight management, beauty treatments, hair and skin are highly sensitive areas and people are ready to spend a lot of their time, energy and money in achieving positive results. Impressions ensures that every job they undertake helps their client return satisfied and happy. Treatments are undertaken by the best specialists in the industry who have the knowledge, skill and passion to help customers get what they want.

Impressions Corporate Address

F-30, Sector-18
Noida, India 201301

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