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Irezumi offers
Irezumi Arts, Crafts & Antiques sales India


Tattooing at Irezumi can be a 20 minute process or go as long as 4 hours for complex designs. It depends on your choice of painting and the size. The design is normally transferred to a stencil and the stencil placed on your body. Once you decide the positioning, they can start tattooing. The design can be selected from their collection. Their designs are usually abstract and deep in meaning. You could also carry your own designs in which case it will take an additional day for the tattoo to be executed.


Unlike Tattooing, piercing takes them less than 5 minutes to accomplish. They use an angiocath needle to hand-pierce the body part. Once pierced, the ring or stud will be slipped in. They follow a safe and painless procedure without causing any form of infection to your body in the process.

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Irezumi Details

Irezumi, specializing in tattoos and body piercings, was started in the year 2006 in Chennai. Trained in the art at Thailand and gaining sufficient experience studying the art of tattooing, Irezumi was initiated by the owner Naveen, to bring to India, a contemporary form of body art. His tattoos look abstract but have hidden meanings that give it a sense of mystery. Over the past 4 years, they have done over 8000 tattoos and body piercings, and possess millions of designs shared by artists from across the globe. So if you love tattoos and body piercing, and are looking for a reliable and creative job, Irezumi is the right place for you.

Irezumi Corporate Address

No.18 (old No.44), College Road, Nungambakkam
Chennai, India 600034

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