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20% discount on all pest control services and treatment

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Get 20% discount on all pest control services and treatments at K9.

K9 Pest Control offers the following services:
1: General Pest Control
2: Anti Termite Treatment
3: Herbal Pest Control / Gel Treatment

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Gel Treatment

Gel treatment is an internationally accepted and effective way to control pests. Gel baits are used to kill not only visible cockroaches but also treat the problem from the root. The gel is an edible product that attracts cockroaches. If one consumes the gel, it kills not only that pest but also spreads to others. Over 80% of cockroaches will be completely cleared within a week with this treatment. And the benefits; no odour, hassle free, fast eradication, no need to evacuate house during treatment.

Termites Treatment

Termites are a huge family and their colonies are highly organized! With more than 1800 varieties of termites (white ants), they are one of the oldest insects still active and in plenty. The best method of termites treatment is prevention. Fumigation, use of insecticides directly in the infected areas and application of non-toxic treatments like heat treatment, freezing, electic etc. are the most effective methods of handling termites. At K9, preventive consulting is also provided wherein effective materials and methods to be used while building structures to avoid termite invasion are determined.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito control is an important practice worldwide as mosquitos are carriers of various dangerous viruses. It is not only a nuisance but also a threat to public health and indirectly, the economy. Source reduction is the most effective way of eliminating mosquitoes and can be accomplished by keeping the surrounding environment clean and free from breeding sources. There are various conventional methods of killing mosquitoes including larviciding and adulticiding but the most preferred methods are the non-toxic solutions.The advantage of non-toxic methods of control is they can also be used in Conservation Areas. K9 uses the most effective method after studying the situation, the need and the impact.

About Company

A new venture started with the needs of the current environment in mind, K9 Pest Control Services specializes in the control and prevention of pests like cockroaches, lizards, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents and termites. They offer solutions not only for households or industrial buildings but also for pavements, car parks, restaurants, theatres, clubs and all other public utilities. K9 Pest Control was designed to overcome the disadvantages of conventional pest control techniques and equipment and offer enhanced services that focus more on prevention than on cure. K9 Pest Control also undertakes annual maintenance contracts. Their greatest strength is the expertise of their workforce and network. K9, for a limited period, is offering a 20% discount on all pest control services and treatment. So grab the opportunity now and free your house of pests!

Corporate Address

4,Laxmi Palace,Below Ravi Group Office,
Mathuradas Road
Mumbai, India 400067
Website: http://www.k9group.in

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