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KFC Coupons - Online Orders

KFC Coupons: 15% OFF on Online Orders of Rs.500 & above
Offer End Date Dec 31, 2018

Get KFC Coupons - Online Orders

KFC has a varied selection of chicken specials for you. Be it their Burgers, Toasted Wraps, the famed KFC Buckets, Box Meals, Rice Bowls, Group Meals or any other, there is a constant inflow of online orders all through the day.

KFC Offers & Coupons for All Days, Wednesdays and Fridays:
All Days: 15% Discount on Online Orders of Rs.500 & above   Get Coupon
Wednesdays Offers: Buy 12 Pieces of Boneless Strips Chicken at Rs.350   Get Offer
So Good Wednesdays Offers: Buy 10 Pieces Hot & Crispy Chicken at Rs.500   Get Offer
So Good Fridays: Buy 6 pieces Smoky Grilled Chicken & Get 3 Pieces FREE   Get Offer
Big 8 Offer: Buy 4 Pieces Smoky Grilled, Hot & Crispy Chicken at Rs.449   Get Offer
KFC Offers on its hugely popular Chicken items:
Large Popcorn Chicken: Flat Rs.130 Discount on Rs.400 & above   Get Coupon
Smoky Grilled Chicken: Buy 6PC Smoky Grilled & Get 50% More for Free   Get Offer
Super Sixes Chicken Offers: Buy 18 Pieces Chicken at Rs.499   Get Offer
Buy 2 Pieces Hot & Crispy at Rs.110   Get Offer
KFC Bank Offers:
Airtel Payments Bank: Flat Rs.75 Cashback on Rs.500 & above
Valid on first 2 Transactions   Get Offer
Other Popular KFC Offers:
Make your own bucket    Get Offer
KFC Triple Treat Offer   Get Offer
Burgers 5 in 1 Double Trouble Box at Rs.209   Get Offer
Chicken Rice Bowl at Rs.130   Get Offer
Snacks 3 Pieces Boneless Strips at Rs.125   Get Offer
KFC Offers on Beverages:
Strawberry Swirl at Rs.129   Get Offer
Choco Lash at Rs.125   Get Offer
Alphonso Burst at Rs.120   Get Offer
KFC Offers All at One Place:
One Click Button Offers   Get Offer
All Promotions and their T&Cs   Get Offer
KFC Triple Treat Offers:
Buy 14 Pieces Chicken at Rs.649   Get Offer
Total Number of KFC Offers and Coupons - 21

Terms and Conditions

1) Offer valid on online orders only
2) Valid at selected KFC stores only
3) Cannot be clubbed with any other KFC offers


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KFC Restaurants have a varied selection of chicken specials for you. Their menu is tempting with Burgers, Toasted Wraps, Buckets, Box Meals, Rice Bowls, Group Meals and more. At any KFC store there is a constant inflow of orders all through the day. It is a place ideal for the young as well as the old. With a legacy of their blend of 11 herbs and spices, no other competitor could craft the magic with chicken and offer a menu that KFC does!


To go along with your chicken, there is nothing better than the Krushers at KFC. They have a fascinating selection of fresh, cool and refreshing drinks for you like the Virgin Mojito, Green Mango Jelly, Choco Lash, Strawberry Smoothie and Iced Kappucino to pick out a few. Each of them has a special flavour that add zing to your meal. KFC provides the convenience of web ordering with home delivery from the nearest store.


If you are looking for some quick bites, something that will last you till your mealtime, go straight for KFC Fries, Wings, Strips or Popcorn Chicken. They have vegetarian strips as well for those who fancy the greens. Fries are probably their hottest-selling item. Order online from KFC some crispy golden fries or lemon chilli flavoured chicken wings and make your day worthwhile!. Don't forget to Download the KFC Discount Coupon from UPto75.com

KFC Details

KFC, an unparalleled brand of chicken started in the early 1900s in Kentucky, offers you a plethora of chicken flavours in the form of fried platters, wraps, pieces, salads, sandwiches and more. Today, it has a presence worldwide in more than 80 countries including India with over 13,000 restaurants. Delicious food, express service and affordability are their pluses. For those who prefer low fat and calorie choices, they have them as well for you in their menu. The food at KFC coupled with the right exercise makes the restaurant the ideal choice for all alike! KFC online delivery is well streamlined.

KFC Corporate Address

Plot No:995 J, New No:172, 2nd Avenue,
Anna Nagar,
Chennai, India 600040

Website: http://www.kfc.co.in
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KFCIndia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KFC_India

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