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Krshala Coupons in Bengaluru

Get 10% off on all dance classes @ Krshala.

Save at Krshala in Bengaluru with UPto75 Coupons.

Get 10% off on all dance classes @ Krshala.

Call for more details:09880212072

Krshala Dance Theatre, based in Koramangala, Bengaluru, is giving a fantastic offer of 10% off on all dance classes this summer. Krshala teaches all sorts of dance forms - from Bollywood, Contemporary, Kathak, Freestyle, Hiphop and so many other dance forms that make the soul express itself fully. And what is more is that and believes in integrating music, logic, reasoning to make its students a well rounded performer. Interesting isnt it? Your children will learn so much more than dance or music at Krshala! Go get your dancing shoes and grab the Krshala offer NOW!

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Krshala offers
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Krshala coupons

Programs for Children

Footloose is a program for mixed groups of ages 6yrs - 10yrs/ where six different forms are taught - Contemporary, Bollywood, Western, Kathak, Kalaripayattu and DanceYoga. Oorja, is another program for children who are in the 3-5 yrs age bracket that teaches children a combination of modern dance, rhythmic movement and basic dance elements from Indian, western and contemporary dance forms. Children develop body-mind and movement coordination along with improving their basic academic skills of patterns and rhythms in language, reading, math, and the social skills of cooperation and collaboration.

Art Classes

In Krshalas art classes children are taught drawing skills (pencil, pen and ink, pastels and charcoal), painting skills (watercolor, acrylic, gouache), artistic techniques (glazing, masking, texture, dry brush), art history (Indian and World art history), Art therapy (self-portrait), expressing feelings and emotions with paint.

Kathak and Other Dance Forms

Krshala teaches children a structured course in Kathak and has Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate courses covering the practice and theory of Kathak. The annual exams are held every year from a recognized university to judge the progress of the child in this discipline. Krshala has a course in Bharatnatyam and has a Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate course in the practice and theory of Bharatnatyam. Contemporary dance, Pilates and Dance Yoga are also taught.

Krshala Details

Krshala believes in using art forms like dance and music to raise the students self-esteem, confidence and even train them to develop an innate problem solving ability through the many art forms at its disposal. Though dance in its various hues - eastern and western forms - are its prime focus, it also has Hindustani Vocal Music and Debate classes. It teaches Creative Rhythmic Movement, Contemporary, Freestyle, Hip Hop, Jive, Kathak, Kalaripayattu, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, Folk, DanceYoga, Pilates, Theater Arts, Hindustani Vocal Music and Debate.

Krshala Corporate Address

Studio Krshálá No: 681, 10th main
4th Block, Koramangala
Bengaluru, India 560034

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