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Get Flawless Skin for just Rs.7999 at Mediskin

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Get 5 sessions of colour improvement and 3 sessions of skin polishing for just Rs.7999 & get Skin & hair analysis complimentary.

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Mediskin coupons

Pigmentation, Acne, Scar and Tan Treatments

The causes for acne are multifactorial.When the oil glands are blocked by dirt or the dead Skin cells the oily substance clogs the pores causing pimple outbreaks, even the internal factors like harmones diet are the contributors for the pimples.
Mediskin provides you a radiant and a clear skin by controlling the pimples and reduce the scar formed due to acne.

Skin exposure to sun daily usually leaves behind tan and pigmentation marks which gets accumulated over a period of time and is difficult to get rid off unless treated.
Mediskin helps you to provide a even skin tone by leaving the skin with radiant & healthier look.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Laser treatment is a permanent solution for the unwanted hairs.This treatment not only saves you from the Hassels of frequent repeats but also from the pain & filthy procedures by providing a smooth and a beautiful skin.

Ante ageing and Under eye dark circle treatment

Skin is the first indicator that you are growing older. Wrinkles and facial folds are not a welcome signs at all. And getting rid of them takes up most of your time! With Mediskin, you now dont have to worry at all about getting old. Get their anti-ageing treatment done and enjoy a youthful happy look all your life.

About Company

Trusting just creams, shampoos, sunscreens and conditioners is a thing of past as MEDISKIN, the skin & hair clinic has arrived.
MEDISKIN provides the world wide accepted and medically proven treatments especially tested and approved for Indian skins. With an army of well qualified, experienced dermatologists and doctors, MEDISKIN is emerging as the most trusted skin & hair clinic.
Sophisticated treatments like Laser hair removal, Botox & fillers, Under Eye dark circles, Fairness, Scar Removal, Wrinkles, Facial folds, Rejuvenation, Post delivery Stretch marks are provided at MEDISKIN following international standards and practices. We do not take any chances whatsoever when it comes to the safety and comforts of our esteemed customers. Our commitment for results & customer satisfaction has enabled us to expand and MEDISKIN already has around 9 branches.

Corporate Address

Vivekananda Nagar Colony, Kukatpally
Hyderabad, India 500072
Phone Number: 91-40-23161686

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