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Mocha Coupons in Mumbai

T20 Special Deals at Mocha, Mumbai

Save at Mocha in Mumbai with UPto75 Coupons.

T20 Offer at all Mumbai Outlets of Mocha.

1) 4 Foreign Beer for Rs.599
2) 4 Foreign Premium Beer for Rs.999
3) 4 Foreign Whisky for Rs.599


Mocha Menu

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Coffee and Tea

Mocha offers a wide range of coffees - hot and cold, tea - hot and cold and iced - of all flavours and types, blends and origins. From Morocco to Turkey, African brew with a Yemeni Mocha or a Jamaican Blue Mountain, you have them all.

Coolers and Shakes

Mocha offers a huge selection of coolers and shakes to satisfy your thirst. Varlhona White Hot Chocolate, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, lemon iced tea with cranberry, peach and strawberry yoghurt smoothie, Baileys Irish Cream Shake are some of the coolers on offer.

Food for Thought

Mocha offers the finest assortment of gourmet desserts, cheesecakes, paninis (traditional Italian flatbread sandwiches with cool fillings) and wraps for you to indulge.

Mocha Details

Mocha is designed as a place to catch up with friends over coffee. It offers a selection of the best coffees from all over the world. Inspired by the Quahveh Khannehs of Morocco and Turkey, these coffee shops are perfect for people to order a coffee and talk. Mocha offers flavours of freshly roasted and ground American, African or Indian coffee, fruit-flavoured sheeshas from Egypt, gourmet desserts, shakes.

Mocha Corporate Address

66 A, American Express Bakery House
1st Floor, Clare Road, Byculla
Mumbai, India 400008

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