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Indian folk

Orange Dance Studio offers you the best choreographers in Indian folk dances including Garba, Bhangra, Rajasthani and Dandia. Enjoy the beauty of traditional Indian dancing, the colours and the art of graceful performance. Orange not only teaches you the true essence of Indian dancing but also gives you the opportunity to create awareness among public on the need to retain these wonderful forms of art. The beauty of these dances is par imagination and needs to be nurtured with care! This is what Orange gives you!

Ball Room

Ball room dancing is one of the most sought-after forms of dancing today, especially salsa. At Orange Dance Studio, they teach you both salsa as well as rock n roll. These are two art forms that are a pleasure to learn. A lot of fun, a lot of frolic, its a time to enjoy and be merry! The graceful coordination between your hips and legs in Salsa to the dynamic twists and turns of Rock N Roll, this is something you are going to look forward to given the opportunity!

Party Style

Partying is something everyone loves. And now if you can learn to dance at the party, there is nothing like it! Be it Hip Hop, Free Style, Indo Western Bhangra or the Club Moves, Orange has it all. Subscribe to their classes and make every party an event to remember. And who knows how many fans you can add to your club?!

About Company

Orange, a unique dance studio in Hyderabad, offers you the best classes rendered by the most prominent and experienced choreographers in the city. It explores the various facets of Indian and international dancing through dance forms like the hip-hop, free style, indo-western bhangra, salsa, rock n roll, garba, dandia, bhangra, rajasthani folk, filmi dance, pop and remixes. They have workshops to encourage their students and live performances that give them a platform to showcase their talent. They are also socially conscious and associates with organizations like the Lions Club, Rotary Club, various ladies clubs, The Junior Chamber International etc. to help society and introduce them to the finesse of dance forms. They have fantastic five-star facilities with air-conditioned classrooms. Famous choreographers from all over the world are invited to give dance in Hyderabad an international appeal.

Corporate Address

310, 3rd Floor, Babukhan Mall, Somajiguda
Hyderabad, India 500082
Phone Number: 91-40-9246546079 Website: http://www.orangedancestudios.com