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Orgia Offers in Pune

T20 Special from Orgia the Lounge, Pune: Buy 1 get 1 FREE on all Cocktails.

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T20 Specials at Orgia the Lounge in Erandwane, Pune:

1) Buy 1 get 1 free on all Cocktails & Shooters
2) On-the-spot offers.

Call for Reservations and Details 9960619477, 9823430028, 9823185454

Orgia India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Orgia

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Orgia offers Orgia 0 sales India


They have a good collection of beverages at Orgia including some Usual and Unusual Cocktails, Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Orgia Special Shots, Tequila Shots, Bacardi Breezer, Energy Drinks, Mocktails, Juices, Beer and Pitchers among many others. Their lovely South-Asian short-eats coupled with your favourite drinks make these beverages far tastier than it normally would.


Orgia has a really big menu for their Thai and Tandoor Specials. Under starters, they have Oriental Sea food, Oriental Fusion Chicken, Oriental Vegetarian, Fries- Orgia Style, Orgia Special Bruschetta’s, Kebab’s on Fire, Orgia Special Kebabs and Tikkas, Regular Kebabs and Tikkas and many more. In the meals section, you can start off with the Soups both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and Salads. Main course consists of some Oriental Specialties like Pad Thai, Burnt Garlic Rice with Hoisin Sauce and Burmese Curry. Then comes the best part; the Desserts. Treat yourself to some delicious Chocolate Brownies, Crispy Honey Noodles and Ice-cream among others. And then if you just want to munch something, check out their Salted Kaju, Prawns Wafers.

About Company

Orgia - the Lounge, started in the year 2007 and a part of D-Evolution, offers an ambience of relaxation coupled with fun. Orgia is a Spanish word pronounced as “orhea”. Orgia depicts a wild party featuring lot of alcohol consumption. Orgia serves some good Thai and Tandoor Cuisines and the most popular Beverages. The most prominent feature of the lounge is Gazals. One day of the week is dedicated to Gazals and they play them by public demand and requests. The ambience is conducive for the young and old alike

Corporate Address

3, Soba Mansion Building, Mehendale Garage Signal
Near Mahatre Bridge, Erandwane
Pune, India 411038

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